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Sep 3, 2013 08:30 PM

Upscale side dish with mixed string/wax beans?

I have a bounty of various wax beans from my CSA: dragon tongue; green; and yellow wax. Wanted to use them up on Rosh Hashanah, but most of the recipes I've been seeing are for bean salads or crudites and I am looking for something a little more dinner-party-like (rather than picnicky). Anyone have any suggestions? Was considering roasting them, but not sure that the dragon tongue and yellow wax would do well that way...

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  1. Yellow wax beans are great roasted, they look like French fries (and according to my niece, almost taste like them, as she is devouring an tire bowl).

    Depending on the mains, I like green or long beans just blanched, then sautéed with butter or olive oil with spices to match the mains for a simple but elegant side for dinner.

    1. Cook as you wish, then top with sautéed mushrooms and onions, followed by toasted almonds and breadcrumbs. Not terribly delicate, but indulgent.

      1. One of Marcella Hazan's gratins. Don't have a link handy, but should be easy to find.

        1. I love this recipe for string beans with shallots. So simple but so good.

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            This is exactly like the type of recipe I was describing. Depending on the main, you can do garlic and red pepper instead of (or in addition to) the shallots, or toast some mustard seeds (until they start to pop), add oil, garlic then beans. So many options.

          2. I had some really gorgeous beans that i just barely steamed, still a little crisp, sprinkled with kosher salt and then used a small clear water glass, put a basil garlic aioli in the bottom and filled with the beans.
            Or make little bundles of green beans and tie together with chives, drizzle with aioli and herbs