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Sep 3, 2013 07:43 PM

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt coming to Nashua NH

I was looking for info in Hampton, Portsmouth and area, and came upon their listing. Looks like there is one at Hampton Beach.

Spitbrook, Amherst St around 5Guys, and another that just lists Amherst NH are listed, but not yet opened.
Has anyone been to any of their stores in other areas? I had never heard of them before seeing the listing.

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  1. There's one on Westford St. in Chelmsford, just off Rt. 3 at the Rt. 4 rotary.

    1. Good report in recent Concord NH Monitor. Two frozen yogurt places opened up on Main Street about the same time but one is independent. Seems each has their own fans.

      1. Just checked their website, the Amherst location is in the plaza where Lowe's is, I'm guessing on the Meat House side. There is also one coming to Bedford, at Kilton and S. River Rd. Looks like when they open one, they open a few!

        1. There's a hopping one in Andover, MA, always packed with teens. Seem to be quite popular.

          1. I was up on Rte. 101A/Amherst NH this afternoon about 2:00pm, needing to pick up a couple of things at Dollar Tree.

            Saw that Orange Leaf was opened, so I popped in. One couple was cashing out. The owner who was behind the counter welcomed me as I came in. After having checked the website out I pretty much figured out the procedure.

            Went and got my cup, checked out the available flavors, filled up and weighed out. I didn't want any add-ins, as I prefer to have it straight up so the flavors would be on their own. I decided on coconut with just a swirl of the chocolate yogurt on top.

            Really good. Worked together just great. The coconut yogurt shown through and the added chocolate was a great enhancement. I won't hesitate to stop in again, well probably not on weekends, as I try and do my best to do errands during the week and stay away from 101A and So. Nashua Mall area when I can.

            It is pretty small, but cozy. I can see it getting a bit crazy at certain times if there were large groups in, especially getting used to the procedure and working the yogurt machines. I stood there a minute or two and then got the hang of it. No problems thank goodness. Then bring the cup to the counter, add the add-ins, have the cup weighed, pay, pick up napkins and spoon, then go sit if staying and enjoy.

            The owner came over and asked if I was enjoying it, and I certainly said YES! He had hoped to open on Sept 6th, but due to getting everything completed, was just able to open on Friday the 27th, so three weeks have been lost. He was very pleasant.

            There isn't a lot of seating, there where 2 small round high tops seating 2 each on either side of the door as you enter. To the left is the checkout counter and attached to that is the add-ins counter, as you head to the wall towards the back, on the right where the cups are, there are low chairs with low tables (for kids maybe) and a couch. There was other seating there too, but they were occupied with a few guys going over some business details, so I don't remember what they were sitting at. On the wall opposite the cups there are all the yogurt machines recessed into the wall, all neat and orderly. I saw the coconut, chocolate and strawberry, pineapple, coffee and that is all I really saw. As soon as I saw the coconut I was fine and should have looked for almond to go with the chocolate. Next time I'll check. But the coconut/chocolate was just fine for me.

            I didn't look at the pricing, so can't help there, and I didn't notice the weight of my cup. I did pay $6.34
            for a very good size portion. Will probably scale back next time.