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Sep 3, 2013 07:14 PM

Will this crab go bad by tomorrow?

I bought a container of pressure steamed lump crab by Perfect Crab from the store on Monday. Will it be okay for a dip tomorrow, Wednesday? It's not pasteurized. It's in an airtight, plastic tub. It has a sticker that says 9/4 on it, but no indication that's the sell by or the use by. I haven't tasted or smelled it yet.

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  1. Not knowing how consistently cold is was kept, how would we know? Especially as you have not checked it yet. It would probably help to crach open the lid, and set the container on a bed of ice in the fridge.

    1. Well, since the date is 9/4 which is tomorrow, it doesn't matter if it's the sell by or use by, does it?

        1. The date is probably a packed date. It's already cooked, it'll be OK.

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            OP bought it several days PRIOR to the label date, so it's not the date of packaging/processing.

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              That would mean it was packed today.

            2. Crabs gone bad, there is nothing worse. You're going to have to give it a sniff to answer the question.