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Sep 3, 2013 06:44 PM

Dinner with a view

We are going to be in MTL for 5 days
any recommendations for dinner with a view
anything near the ports, old MTL , ?
price mid range as we are not paying

thx in advance

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  1. You could have lunch at l'arrivage in the old port.

    1. I can't vouch for prices nor am I implying anything about the quality of the food and service, but all of the Antonopoulos Groups hotels in Old Montreal have roof top terraces that serve food.

      There is also Tour du Ville in the Hyatt Centre Ville which will be closing at the end of October.

      On the mountain there is Le Pavillion, and then if you're not so much into heights, I'd also reccommend (both for the food and the service) Le Valois which looks out onto a very pretty square and the Lasalle Drive-In which has an awesome view of the river.

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        I think the best dinner with a view in mtl is a picnic on the mountain....

        1. re: EaterBob

          I definitely don';t recommend Le Pavillion unless they have new owners/managers. Also the view is of the Lake, not near the ports which the OP requested.

              1. re: kpaxonite

                This was news to me and sounded a bit strange since it's not particularly close to McGill, so I googled it. It's becoming one of those expensive private student residences, not affiliated with any educational institution.


                1. re: Shattered

                  How cool is that, a revolving dorm room!
                  "Dude, I'm drunk on malt liquor and everything is spinning....I put one leg on the floor, but even that don't help."

                  1. re: porker

                    Hahaha. I had the same thought. Or the world's only revolving laundry room.

          1. View is a tough one in Montreal. Your best bets would be Communion (kinda touristy food-wise and not exactly a great view, but a nice terrace on a wide sidewalk) and Terrasses Nelligan (Hotel rooftop terrace)