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Sep 3, 2013 05:12 PM

Davio's, Lynnfield

Anyone been there yet? Any comments, pro or con?

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  1. I went opening weekend for dinner. I've never been to the one in Boston, so I cannot compare but my husband and I liked it. We really enjoyed the lobster risotto. The steak was well prepared, though not the most spectacular I've had... My husband and I are picky about steak though as he grills a really great one at home. We had a panna cotta for dessert which was heavenly. Service was very attentive.

    In terms of pros and cons, it's a chain...a high end chain, but still a chain. That does not bug me as much as it bugs other people. However, I would put it in the same category as Capitol Grille and Ruth Chris.

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    1. re: Ladycale

      Full Disclosure: I worked as a cook at Davio's for several years in the late 90's early aughts.

      When I worked for Steve Defilipo, it did not feel like a chain (I guess since there's so many of them now it IS a chain, but it never felt that way for me), he was a real hands on owner who would be in all his places at least once a day, very often helping out in the kitchen if we got slammed (that dude loved doing dishes!). So while it's a "chain" per se, it's a single owner (or it was back then, not sure if that's changed over the years), local to Boston, for what it's worth, I wouldn't knock the place for that (and I will not you were NOT knocking it, but just pointing out that some people would)

      1. re: devilham

        i have been to most of the upscale steak houses in Boston - on other people's dime, of course - and think that i can do as well at home. Sure you can get a good steak, but there are so many other things that i would have trouble preparing that makes going to a steak house unappealing.

        That said, i have already pointed out that there are a number of chains that i really like including Rod Dee (on the cheap), Sichuan Gourmet ( middle ) and Nobu (fairly expensive). So, i am willing to give chains a shot.

        1. re: cambridgedoctpr

          Not to be argumentative, but do Sichuan Gourmet and Rod Dee really qualify as "chains"? With four locations, all in and around Boston? (As opposed to Nobu, with restaurants spread all over the globe.)

          1. re: brandywiner

            i was with an aquaintance from Chungking, china who spoke with the chef - i could not - who said that this is a Chungking chain with locations in china and in the rest of the US. I do not speak Chinese but was there at the time.

            By the way, she thought that the food was very good; she said that there is a sichuan gourmet in Chungking.

            Rod Dee - that is a much smaller chain.

            Nobu is quite a good chain though the quality varies by the location - I prefer the downtown location to the uptown one in Manhattan.

          2. re: cambridgedoctpr

            as often as people insist they can prepare steak at home "just as well" as a pricey steakhouse, i have yet to have that dinner, having never been to a home where the grill gets to 800+ degrees and professionally dry-aged prime steak is on the table. (of course capital now serves choice anyway.) my chef friends go to steakhouses when they have a hankering for ribeye, because that's who does it best.

            as for davio's being a chain? just like rod dee, it only has a handful of locations, while places like capital and ruth's chris have dozens of us and international outposts.

            i have only dined in the boston location and do know steve professionally. it has never felt like a chain restaurant meal.

            1. re: hotoynoodle

              Yes, that's my point, multiple locals doth not a chain make. I am biased, as Steve is fondly remembered by myself and my wife as also being a great boss who loaned me some money, interest free, at a tough time in my life (as opposed to working overtime), bottom line, he runs Davios as a small business, and his staff were his priority, not very chain like at all IMO

              1. re: hotoynoodle

                Sorry but charcoal gets pretty close to 800 and I will take a dry aged Rib Eye from a decent butcher on my own charcoal grill (lump) against any steak joint in Boston. And my sides are better.

                  1. re: StriperGuy

                    Agree, lump charcoal is the best medium for the home griller.

              2. re: devilham

                As a former dishwasher, I love the anecdote about the owner pitching in with the dishes, and wish the owners I washed dishes for had been as helpful.


                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  Funny you mention dish washing, when I was a kid that was my first job, all the owner did was fill my sink with nasty pots, never helped.

                  1. re: MC Slim JB

                    Yeah, Steve, and much of the crew (not me mind you) that worked in the Royal Sonesta Davio's had worked at a place who's name escapes me, but was in Cleveland Circle, a college bar food kind of place in the actual circle, I think it's still there, just not chow worthy, so he was no stranger to kitchen work, we'd get busy and he'd do whatever to keep the flow, that garnished a lot of respect amongst us cooks.

                    My first job was dishdogging too Treb, at the Bell Bouy in Scituate harbor, and the owner of that place was too busy making shady deals and bouncing our paychecks to show up and help out, hell, I don't think I ever met the guy!

                    1. re: devilham

                      That place is City something

                      Maybe Cityside?

              3. Have not been but have eaten at Boston location (most recently in July) and it was amazing! Perhaps the planets were aligned or it was my lucky day but the food that night was probably the best I've eaten in a long time and I dine out often all around Boston and the service was outstanding.

                1. Wow. I suppose I should have been more careful using the "C" word...Davio's has locations in Atlanta and's a chain. I will admit, though, as a chain it is smaller than Capitol or Ruth Chris. I don't think that it's a chain is a bad thing. The restaurant is worth visiting if one has the budget. The food I had was good. In terms of atmosphere I felt it was more like the Ruth Chris I've been in rather than Pellana, which is why I used that as an example. I will stand firm, though, that the steak I had was good, but my husband does better when he buys ribeyes from our local butcher and grills them on his green egg...which gets plenty hot to do a proper searing job.

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                  1. re: Ladycale

                    Lol, fair enough, Ladycale, fair enough!

                  2. I stopped by today hoping for a reasonable priced lunch and I had a plan! I took a seat in the really nice bar area and promptly got water and a nice bread basket that also had homemade potato chips in it. The chips are addictive. I then ordered the Fried Calamari app that had fried cherry peppers and come with Aioli. Super tender calamari and I was happy to see that they serve the legs as well (best part). The batter was very light and tasty and everything was fried perfectly and there was enough food for a nice lunch for me. Service was, of course, impeccable.


                    1. What's with the Lynnfield explosion? I've noticed a ton of places opened there.

                      Davio's is definitely a chain. I've frequented the one in Boston and in Philly. Very similar vibe in that "it's a chain" sort of way. The steak is good, the Italian is good. Neither is excellent in my experience but it's a decent, white table cloth place with relatively consistent service.

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