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Sep 3, 2013 04:53 PM

Trinidadian Cuisine in Mt Airy: Calypso Restaurant

Visited Calypso Trinidadian restaurant in the Mt Airy section this past weekend. My wife and I along w/ another couple started w/ Accra (salt fish cakes) and Pelau a brown rice dish w/ chicken and peas served w/ a side of slaw. Salt cakes were homey tasting and nicely crusted . The Pelau was packed w/ meaty bites of chicken (on the bone) and plenty of starch from rice and peas cut nicely by tart sweet slaw. Next we had Stewed Oxtails which was wonderful. No bone just shredded meat w/ gelatinous goodies in the dark gravy. Also had Doubles (fried flat bread filled w/ a spicy hot curried chickpea filling). Very spicy. Very delicious. Tasted Malaysian (like Roti Canai). We also had plantains, okra, macaroni and wings all standard.
BYOB. We brought both wine and beer. Beer complimented what we had much betters. An assortment of IPAs and a white burgundy were had.
No desserts were available:( Hopefully this will be different next time. Overall satisfying and often very interesting comfort food and at a great price.

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  1. is this related to the stand that was in the farmer's market (the one behind c-hill hotel)?

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    1. Is this place closed down? Called and just got voicemail and then went to address but didn't see anything there.