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Kouign amann: the pastry

hungryann Sep 3, 2013 04:26 PM

Are there other pastry shops that make this besides the namesake bakery?

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    Gloriaa RE: hungryann Sep 3, 2013 04:33 PM

    Yes. la Porte has one on their dessert menu and apparently it is better than the bakery on mount royal. Also Patisserie Rhubarbe makes them on the WE?

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    1. re: Gloriaa
      hungryann RE: Gloriaa Sep 3, 2013 06:30 PM

      I've had the one at La Porte. It was very good but their portion is too skimpy. I don't know if they sell it elsewhere. I'll check out Patisserie Rhubarbe and ask them.

      1. re: hungryann
        prima RE: hungryann Sep 4, 2013 07:44 AM

        According to this link, La Porte also sells pans of Kouign Amann at Farmers' Markets. Might be worth calling to find out when and where.


        1. re: prima
          Glaff RE: prima Sep 4, 2013 09:03 AM

          Don't know which local farmer's market they're talking about, but last year they were at the Marché in Val-David every saturday.

          They were also selling their caramel.

        2. re: hungryann
          Fintastic RE: hungryann Sep 4, 2013 12:07 PM

          They definitely have them at Rhubarbe, and they are spectacular (although I'm far from an expert).

      2. e
        eat2much RE: hungryann Sep 4, 2013 09:16 AM

        I know it is sacrilegious to talk about frozen vs. fresh but the made in France version at Cool & Simple is pretty good.

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        1. re: eat2much
          hala RE: eat2much Sep 5, 2013 05:46 AM

          Do they still carry it? I didn't see any last time I was there.

          I agree that it was good.

          1. re: hala
            eat2much RE: hala Sep 5, 2013 07:09 AM

            Still on their website but it might have been out of stock...


        2. l
          luism RE: hungryann Sep 4, 2013 06:05 PM

          Les Co'Pains d'Abord make them; they have the traditional version and one with apples. I like the traditional version better. I often thought they were better than the ones at Kouign Amann - well, at least the ones on Les Co'Pains at Mont-Royal/Bordeaux.

          1. hungryann RE: hungryann Sep 5, 2013 09:13 AM

            Great to have new options to try!

            1. a
              artstate RE: hungryann Sep 7, 2013 07:51 PM

              I saw some at Mamie Clafoutis this summer. Didn't try it though

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