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Sep 3, 2013 03:24 PM

Ready made (fresh or frozen) burgers?

Having a family BBQ at our place this weekend and need recos for fresh or frozen ready made burgers. I usually make 'em myself but a dozen people are coming and will need to buy just in case I can't get around to it.
Any suggestions? President's Choice? Longo's?
thanks in advance!

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  1. I thought Costco's were pretty good. Also Cumbrae's but a little$$ for a crowd.

    1. European Meats (now in Etobicoke) does a good mass-produced burger.

      1. Medium Rare in Etobicoke has a great selection of burgers. They even carry turkey, chicken and bison burgers.

        1. Healthy Butcher, Cumbrae's and Rowe Farms all have good quality fresh ready made burgers.

          1. Oliffe on Queen East are really good!

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              I had their turkey and leek burger not too long ago, it was great!