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Ready made (fresh or frozen) burgers?

Having a family BBQ at our place this weekend and need recos for fresh or frozen ready made burgers. I usually make 'em myself but a dozen people are coming and will need to buy just in case I can't get around to it.
Any suggestions? President's Choice? Longo's?
thanks in advance!

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  1. I thought Costco's were pretty good. Also Cumbrae's but a little$$ for a crowd.

    1. European Meats (now in Etobicoke) does a good mass-produced burger.

      1. Medium Rare in Etobicoke has a great selection of burgers. They even carry turkey, chicken and bison burgers.

        1. Healthy Butcher, Cumbrae's and Rowe Farms all have good quality fresh ready made burgers.

          1. Oliffe on Queen East are really good!

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              I had their turkey and leek burger not too long ago, it was great!

            2. My vote goes to Bruno's in house burgers. I prefer the unseasoned variety. There is very little, if any, filler in them and a good price point

              1. I'm not a huge burger eater so have not tried too many varieties, however to date my pick for frozen burgers are The Keg or The Keg.

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                  I strenuously object. The Keg is way better than either of those.

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                    Lol......I meant to say "or The Keg sliders".

                  2. We have tried several varieties over the years and the 12 burgers for $16 at Cardinal Meats always seems to beat the rest: http://www.cardinalmeats.com/info.php...
                    Just west of Dixie and The Queensway.

                    1. Don't know your location but if you're near downtown.
                      Mark Michelin at St Jamestown Meat and Chops make rave worthy burgers.

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                        Funny, I was just about to start a thread on this very subject myself.

                        I know it seems kind of strange, but in sometimes I like frozen ones better. My favorite place in the city to get a hamburger is a place called "the burge shack" which is at Avnue rd. and eglington. It's funny cause many ask for the 8oz homburger which is the burger they make themselfs.

                        I looove there regular burger which is a frozen patty. I've tried so many different ones trying to get the same type they have but can't seem to do it. Non of the ones in grocery stores even come close. I tried the keg ones as well and didn't thnk they were that great.

                        A friend of mine from work gave me an italian butcher's place up in Vaughan (which is where I live anyway) called Toterra Meats. I bought a box of 40 for 30 bucks. They were the best I had but still not like the burger shack...lol.
                        I want to ask where they get their patties from but I have a feeling it's some place that doesn't sell to the general public.
                        The other problem I'm having is finding good buns...lol.

                        There's seems to be only two type in every gocery store I go to. One is dempsters which arn't bad cause they're non-sesame seed, but they seem to be so small, and the other I can't remember the name, (I think sensations or something)and they are decent size but sesame which I'm not a fan off.

                        That's it...

                        Its the same two in every grocery store I got to, be it Lawblaws, sobeys, metro, ect.

                        Help me....lol

                      2. Don't know if you are still interested in this but the 100% Sirloin burgers at Costco are very good. Quality meat and no fillers. Just season them up (I use steak seasoning) and cook.


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                          Actually, I like them kind of plain flavoured with bit of grease taste to them...lol.

                          That's why I like the patty at burger shack as opposed to the homeburger. Has a bit more grease flavour

                        2. HI an update in case anyone is interested. All my real life friends also suggested Costco - but I don't have a membership. I was down in Leslieville but Oliffe wasn't open. Someone recommended Meat on the Beach - further along on Queen East. We ordered the burgers, some sausages and some pork chops for later. Most of the family enjoyed the burgers - they were big and meaty, cooked nicely on the grill. A couple of us found them too salty and there was also another herb or spice we couldn't put our finger on (marjoram?). Wouldn't order from there again, but the place itself has a good selection of meats and gourmet items.
                          I think next time - I'll try Costco or the places in Etobicoke that seem to get consistently good reviews. Thanks for all the input!