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Sep 3, 2013 03:24 PM

Anyone know when Le Serpent will open

Is it open yet? I am dying to try it. I love Le Filet and CCEP.

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  1. I think some changes were made to the initial project as Michele Mercuri (part of the team leading the opening of Le Serpent and prior chef at XO) announced the opening of Mercuri in the fall in a location that sits less than 200 meters from where Le Serpent was schedule to open on June 1st.

    I was looking forward to go at Le Serpent this summer, but I could never find any info on the "official" opening or delay of it. As I live close by, I went to see in person if the construction work was progressing and I saw the Mercuri sign and concluded Le Serpent might not ever open.

    Unfortunately, I have nothing to confirm my hypothesis :(

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        Awesome! Though this has been the world's slowest restaurant opening, so I'd be shocked if it actually debuts in December.

      2. Anybody been here yet? I want to make a reservation for the end of January, and just want to get a rough idea of prices and the menu

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          I went here for dinner on Saturday and had a great time. I called a week in advance, and they only had seats at the bar, which was fine by me.

          The decor wasn't my favorite, I much prefer the homey feel of CCP, but it was very well executed.

          Started with a cocktail (le serpent), which included a long list of herby ingredients such as campari, amaro, chartruese, vodka and soda water. My date had a glass of Cava.

          They only had beausoleil oysters, which I was a bit dissapointed about, so we skipped them and had an appetizer of that had different types of fish. The sea urchin and smoked mackrel on this plate were oustanding. Also had a beet salad which had both golden and red beets.

          For our mains, we had the leg of venison, and pork cheeks. The venison was perfectly cooked and delicious. The pork cheeks were braised to fall apart tender, and covered in a great sauce reduction. We also got some roasted veggies on the side, since the mains were pretty meat-centric. We paired this with a bottle of Nebbiolo from Langhe, which is one of my favorites.

          We split a desert that was similar to a apple, fig and honey crumble.

          Service was impeccable all around. Total damage ~$200 including tip, taxes and wine.

          All in all had a great time, and I would recommend to anybody with an adventurous appetite.

          1. I went almost two weeks ago.

            I really wanted to like it... The team look fantastic, the place remind me of the time were i was working in artists center, the menu and the wine list are appealing.

            But, let's say im telling myself that it just open and i have to give it another try...

            We share everything and had :

            - Caesar salad, pancetta, 65 egg, anchovies, vinaigrette
            - Octopus (lukewarm), potato mousseline, salsa verde
            - Linguini, speck, almonds, cauliflower, truffle brunoise
            - Cod, coco beans, artichoke, eggplant, black olives

            The egg in the Ceasar salad was too cook, the salad in itself was nothing more then what one will do on a week day at home, except that the anchovies were of a very good quality.

            The octopus was tender and good but there was too much of the mix of the mousseline and the salsa verde. All the meal was soaking in it and it overwhelmed the taste of the octopus.

            The linguini were excellent, it was the star of the dinner. On a very personal note, i would put less truffle oil as its mostly a fake taste and it act like a perfume on the plate. But still it was a very good plate.

            The cod was boring we didnt even finish the plate.

            The wine list is great and affordable. We had a Verdicchio dei castelli and a Paski. Both were right in our tastes.

            Part of the service was excellent and part was bad! The maitre d'hotel was very professionnal and when he had to come to our table we always had good service. Our waiter on the other hand can work a bit on his attitude! He disagree with our choice for the Paski, that he find "too funky" and laught about it with another waiter. Yes, it's an unusual wine but we like those unfiltered and malolactic fermented whites, so... if we pay and we are happy, i dont know why a waiter should argue with us! It might not be the best match with the food, but as we dont find those wines everywhere we like to take them when they are available.

            All in all, i might give it another try but im not in a rush to do so.

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              I've also been meaning to post a review for a while (we went shortly after opening), mostly because I found it such a great experience. A few notes:
              - The wine list was well curated and priced far below industry standard
              - The staff seems to have been poached from other restaurants, including Filet, and our service was second-to-none. Great by-the-glass wine suggestions for most dishes.
              - I too was unimpressed with the octopus appetizer, but a lobster risotto main was one of the best I've had
              - Desserts we good but don't stand out in my mind
              - The room is nice enough, but they've destroyed the magic left to them by Cluny. This was my favourite restaurant space in Montreal, and now it feels too institutional.

              1. re: Fintastic

                Finally made it there today, for lunch. Had the deconstructed lasagna, which was good, but needed just a touch more salt and a bit of parmesan on top (neither of which were available at the table). I don't normally add salt to foods, but the lasagne would definitely have benefited from it. And the portion was surprisingly small, considering. The risotto, on the other hand (which friends had), made with beets and lobster, was perfectly seasoned - no complaints there. The chocolate cake with cherry compote was delicious. Nice wine list, and service was good. I will definitely be going back.