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Dubrovnik and area

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I'm going to be in Dubrovnik for a week in October. I've trawled around Chowhound and read some of the excellent postings about restaurants there. I'm grateful to everyone who's already made recommendations. I'll check them out. Let me ask some follow-up questions to earlier postings:
(1) Are there any new restaurants in Dubrovnik worth checking out that haven't yet shown up on Chowhound?
(2) Are there good, simple, not terribly expensive places for breakfast in the old town?
(3) Does anyone know of locals who open their homes to outside diners at a fairly reasonable cost (and who know at least a few words of English)?
(4) Could anyone recommend restaurants at Lokrum, Lopud, Mljet, or Cavtat?

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  1. I'm heading there in april...did you get any answers to your questions when you were over there?

    1. Hi, It would be great to hear your recommendations.