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Sep 3, 2013 02:23 PM

Birthday lunch and dinner in NOLA - Suggestions


I'm heading to Nola at the end of September for a cousin's wedding. We will have one Friday in the Quarter, which happens to be my birthday and I will have time for one dinner and one lunch. And possibly a quick breakfast on the way to the airport Sunday.

I would like the meals to be special. Budget isn't an issue. It's two of us and I love to try any and everything and my SO will just have to go along with that because it's my BIRTHDAY!!!

I appreciate your suggestions!

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  1. Have you ever dined in NOLA before? If so, where? did you like that?

    For me, the three restaurants, that I would pick for my birthday would be, and in no real order:

    Restaurant August
    The Grill Room at the Windsor Court

    Enjoy, and happy birthday.


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    1. re: Bill Hunt

      I've been to NOLA a few times although my dining choices have tended to be on the more casual side - Yo Mama's, Port O' Call, Stanley!, Irene's, Court of Two Sisters Jazz brunch. I love good food and I love trying new things, especially things you can't get anywhere else.

      Right now I'm leaning toward Peche for my bday dinner. Thank you for your suggestions. I'm going to chek out the menus!

    2. I just got a notice that MiLa is now open for lunch weekdays. The menu looks very good (as expected) and the prices are very competitive for lunch.

      1. Take the street car to Commander's (let them know it is YOUR Birthday) for lunch and then I would go to any of the restaurants recommended by Bill Hunt for dinner.

        Breakfast: What time is your flight and where are you staying? Do you have a car or are you taking a taxi to the airport?

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        1. re: TaTee

          Ditto Ta Tee.

          Additionally, Peche is far from special.

          Feel free to improvise with fine dining restaurant menus. We often split an array of appetizers and an entree or two. The selections are split in the kitchen and served as a personal

          Bon Appetit!