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Sep 3, 2013 02:13 PM

Restaurants in Cambria

I plan to spend a couple of days in Cambria. I havn't been there for a while. Any suggestions on where to have lunch or dinner? Also, any places to avoid? Thanks

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  1. Robins and Wild Ginger are both good bets in town. If you're going up the road to Heast's Castle, I'd recommend Sebastian's Store in San Simeon for a sandwich.

    1. My avoids from a 10+ day visit to Cambria two years ago would be Sow's Ear, pie from Linn’s Original Farm Store, and French Corner Bakery.

      1. Black Cat Bistro is still getting good reports from recent visits. An old favorite for seafood was the Sea Chest (cash only, iirc) on Moonstone but haven't been in a couple of years.

        1. During this year's stay enjoyed Creekside Garden Cafe's back patio for lunch. Robin's was good again.

          1. I would stay away from the Moonstone Beach Bar and Grill. The food's not that good. If you're looking for views, and don't mind driving a bit, you might try the restaurant at Ragged Point Inn, up the coast. We didn't get a chance to eat there, but it gets great reviews.

            I thought Lim's was good, including the pie. The central coast seems to be the pie capital of California.

            Even better, go to their original store outside of town up on Santa Rosa Creek Road. We rode our bicycles for five miles up this pretty, rural lane and came to the store. You can eat your pie in their beautiful back yard under a centuries old sycamore tree. There's also a winery on this road that has tastings.

            It's not food-oriented, but be sure to hike the Harmony Headlands trail a little south of there. It's easy, and you have a variety of terrains, ending in a beautiful walk along the rocky coast. Much nicer than the coast walks in Cambria, with all the houses and development. If you continue to Cayucos, you can reward yourself with some expensive but delicious cookies at Brown Butter Cookie co.