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Sep 3, 2013 01:25 PM

restaurant advice needed -tel aviv

We will be in Tel Aviv at the end of Oct. and can use help narrowing down my restaurants. We love good food; I don’t eat meat or poultry but do eat fish and seafood. Husband eats anything. Would like to experience different kinds of restaurants-don’t want to eat in the same atmosphere and same menu each night. Although we have 4 nights the first night we land (from the states) at 3:00 so expect to eat an early casual dinner and crash. Another night we will be doing an all day tour up north so again, may want something more casual though perhaps on the later side?

Looking at Catit, Messa, Herbert Samuel and Night Kitchen. What should I add/eliminate? Suggestions on order welcome also. We are staying at the Savoy, 5 Geula St. Walking distance is a definite plus not required. Thanks!

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    1. Catit changed place and concept, much smaller now at new location, limited tasting menu with minimum ordering of 3 dishes 319 sheqels, still interesting cooking of course, but menu limited so better to check in advance what in plan; altough for sure sea dishes will be always there.
      Messa is an interesting place to try, but not exactly walking distance. Dinner vs lunch a bit too much on the pricy side in my opinion, many options, special dining room, if going there ask specifically for a table if possibe, not the long counter, altough this one also not bad.
      Something not so far but more casual - might be Shila. I mentioned in earlier thread that i'm not a big lover, but many do, and it is a very lively casual and popular place with chef leaning strongly towards sea dishes. Reserve at least a couple of days in advance, as with Messa. Catit might be easier to book btw even if you call same day, btw since moving they are probably the first to require credit card details on reservations and 45 sheqels per person cancellation fee, till now nobody had it in Israel.
      I think you should check reviews also for Aria, good fish dishes there in my opinion, reasonable walking distance from your hotel, nice location.
      Also kitchen market worth a check, tel aviv port. What about Jaffa port ? For sure you should walk the area.. If you are looking for something interesting, maybe Kalimera might be an option. Also in Jaffa is Haj Kahil, if you want to check more "regional fare" and nice Arab cooking, this is the place, nice variety of salads in their mezze spread for a relatively low price, and along with the good main options, might be a nice meal.. No alcohol there, if relevant..
      Another place to check - Popina, might be interesting.. Have not visited night kitchen, what was the trigger to put in your list ?

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        Thanks! I am getting confused between Night kitchen and kitchen market.
        Will take Catit off as I dont love a set price menu. We dont do planned sit down lunches, just eat as we go. If Messa is worthwhile Im ok spending. Would prefer to avoid places that are $65/entree (mul yam) but other than than a little costly is ok- if worthwhile.
        I will look into Shila, Aria,and kalimara and popina. Def want alcohol! What r your feelings on Herb Samuel?

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          Don't know what to say about HS, my visits there there were in the first years and it was good then, but my feeling is that level declined while prices.. So not sure i'm the best guy to ask :-)