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Sep 3, 2013 12:57 PM

Help! Disappointing food on Greek vacation!

We're lucky enough to be spending 12 days in Greece. We're leaving Samos tomorrow after having spent 1 day in Athens. The food has been OK to down right banal. Any recommendations for Chania , Oia, and Athens? The Greek salads have been lovely and fresh, but I'm ready for something more ( without boiled broccoli and carrots as the side).

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  1. Sorry for the late response, but Anogi is the best restaurant we found. It's in Imerovigli, the next town south of Oia, between Oia and Fira.

    The second best place, but a much better atmosphere (the view is stunning) is La Maison, also in Imerovigli.

    For casual, Lucky Souvlaki in Fira is the best for pita sandwiches. Both the gyro and pork souvlaki sandwiches are outstanding.

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      We had no problem in Oia. Red Bicycle and 1800 were wonderful, and the place on the stairs down to the bay (can't remember the name) was a great place to watch the sunset and have a pretty good grilled fish, too.

      Crete was a problem, though . In Chania, almost every place advertised itself as traditional. We has a good meal at Glossitses on the harbor front which bills itself as more refined. In Pythagorion on Samos it was all pretty much the same menu of mixed grill and frozen fish (frozen? on the sea?). The food at our resort was mediocre at best.

      Back in Athens we had a lovely meal at Mono in the Plaka - baked goat cheese with roasted grapes to start. Yum!

      The wine was a revelation. We had not one bad bottle and we stuck to Greek wines.

      We hope to go back to Santorini and will rent a car this time. Thanks for the recommendations!