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Sep 3, 2013 12:46 PM

New McConnell's on State Street (Santa Barbara)

A few months ago, I wrote about my disappointing visit to McConnell's in SB...

This weekend, I was up in SB again and a new, swanky McConnell's has opened up on State Street (across from Mall)...its a really nice space, and the staff is great. Ice cream was terrific.

I found out that the other McConnell's is franchised, and this one actually owned by McConnell's themselves...maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much more. They also don't sell frozen yogurt, which I don't believe was made by McConnell's anyway.

My favorite item on menu, fwiw, was the salted chocolate chip cookie - maybe the best chocolate chip cookie I've ever had.

For those who live up there, they are having an opening night party on September 4th from 7pm...

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  1. Must have scared away the competition already because just got word Ben and Jerry's closed here locally in the Mall across the street.

    Mmmmmm, mmmmm good .. McConnell's ....anywhere. Thanks for the tip about their opening and it is good to have them back downtown again.

    1. What are some of the best flavors McConnell's make? My Sprouts store in Fremont carry their brand in the freezer section it's over $6 for a pint so I haven't tried it yet. Any suggestions on what to get? not sure if they carry the salted chocolate chip cookie but maybe I'll ask for it.

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        I think all their flavors are great because they start with such a high quality ice cream base so all I can go is pass on my own favorites: ***Brazilian coffee chip***; Turkish coffee and Coconut. DH loves their French Vanilla. Others rave about their Salty Caramel Chip, but it did not win me over my prior list of favorites. Rum raisin and Mint chocolate chip also rank high.

      2. Thanks for posting about the new scoop shop. I drove through Santa Barbara on Thursday and made a point to stop. I haven't had any McConnell's for years and years, and couldn't remember what my favorites used to be.

        I tasted four flavors before deciding. I tried the salted caramel chip, but it didn't rock me. Two seasonal flavors were available: pumpkin pie and churros con leche. The pumpkin pie was good, but not as robust as Mitchell's version. The churros con leche was a winner with a whiff of Valrhone and Guittard chocolates, cinnamon, and cold process espresso plus bits of cookie-like churro embedded in the ice cream. When I saw the peppermint, I remembered that I'd always liked it, and it showed well again.

        If anything McConnell's is better than I remembered it. Not many things you can say that about. It is great ice cream.