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Sep 3, 2013 12:35 PM

What's in season now: local seafood and other local foods? Coming in next week from CA.

Four days, three nights, will be at the Hyatt at Penn's Landing and am looking for local/seasonal seafood. Also looking for a good bar near hotel. I will have a car so can travel for food. Bar needs to be an easy walk to the hotel.

Really want local specialty's. TIA, CA CH.

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  1. Philly's not a local, seasonal seafood kind of town, really, unless you count crabs.
    Nothing is an easy walk from the Hyatt Penn's Landing either, unfortunately. Khyber Pass pub isn't far, actually. They have a really good beer selection and good Louisiana style bar food

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      There is local seafood, such as shad, which is unique to the midatlantic region (though not in season), river trout, east coast oysters, etc. but other than shad I wouldnt seek out local seafood. There are some unique local preparations of seafood like snapper soup and fried oysters with chicken salad. Local produce can be great but other than some oddball stuff like pawpaws I doubt it would be impressive for someone from California. Maybe some tomatoes and corn, but it's the end of the season and corn has been weak this year IMO.

      Instead I'd focus on local prepared foods and flavor -- definitely hit Reading Terminal Market, there are a lot of threads about what to eat there.

      The bars in Old City and South Street are definitely walkable from the Hyatt. Khyber Pass is great for beer. Southwark south of South is a little farther but does great classic cocktails, and they do all their own charcuterie, which is excellent.

      In general, take cabs rather than driving since parking is a bitch (or expensive), and cabs are easy to hail in most neighborhoods. For the bar, maybe plan on walking there and taking a cab back. The Hyatt is not too far but the walk is a little cumbersome as you have to change elevation, walk through a parking lot, and cross a major road, might be weird when dark and a little tipsy. The Hyatt also isn't far from other good drinking areas like Rittenhouse, Northern Liberties and Fishtown, figure a $10-15 cab ride max so no need to limit your search to walking distance IMO.

      1. re: barryg

        Thanks for the replies all. Guess I was thinking "migratory" when I said "seasonal." I used to live in New England (CT & MA) and the blue fish, when in season, were awesome eating.

        I will plan on cabbing to the bars as I am not a strong walker to begin with. So, great bars and local restaurants are what I am after. I have read many posts on this site already & thank all that have replied to those. Looking forward to trying a sandwich at Johns Roast Pork (wet.) Lunch at Syrenka Luncheonette and drinks at Franklin Mortgage and Ranstead Room. All mentioned on this board already. Don't worry Philly, I wont DUI! Happy Eating!

        1. re: Reuel

          OK, there are bluefish specials in restaurants during bluefish season. Same with stripped bass, scallops... You can get very good local seafood at many of our restaurants, the problem is, there isn't one restaurant where you can go and get whatever came into the docks that day. The most well-reputed fish places in town, Little Fish and Estia, feature seafood from all over - farmed, wild, flown in, trucked in locally. If you eat at a good byob there's a decent chance there will be a plate of something from the nearby ocean.