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Sep 3, 2013 10:48 AM

Former Fook Lam Moon man in charge opens new restaruant Seventh Son 家全七福

Surprised nobody has mentioned this yet, particularly those who are avid Fook Lam Moon and Guo Fu Lao fans.

Less than a week ago a new restaurant headed by the 7th son of the founder of Fook Lam Moon (known as 七哥) opened up in Wanchai at 6 Tonnochy Road, 5th floor.

So apparently in 1972 the 5th brother 徐沛均 and the 7th brother 徐沛均/七哥 got handed down the reins to run Fook Lam Moon, although their shares combined was 45% (the other siblings had the rest). The media is saying that the 7th brother learned how to cook at age 14 as well as the ropes of the business (he handled kitchen and management) and 5th brother handled front of house operations. But 7th brother ended up being the favorite of local celebrities and billionaires (who were very excited at the opening of this new restaurant).

Anyways one of the biggest shareholders in Seventh Son restaurant is Beijing movie/TV star 趙薇 (Vicki Zhao / Zhao Wei) according to reports.

Any reports would be gladly appreciated.

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  1. So, this looks like a new chapter in the Chui Pui-kun vs Chui Wai-kwan saga. I read about the family feud last year, but lost track of it subsequently:

    Subsequent agreement to split the ownership of the restaurants in their stable in-between them:

    1. What is wrong with these HK restaurant families? First, it was Yung Kee, then it's Fook Lam Moon. I wonder which family is going to explode to a feud next.

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      1. re: M_Gomez

        Money, power, fame, recognition, and ego can end up being thicker than blood and water. It doesn't have to be a restaurant....look at Sun Hung Kei Properties and maybe even the Ho family (Stanley Ho). It's just the sad part of human nature and greed in the area, particularly when the core ethic does not have a strong foundation...and a lot of this is old world culture that's ugly. When one sibling outperforms the other, it's pretty easy for a parent in those days to show favoritism and in worse cases pit one against another for the sake of being entertained (or to use that as a tactic to distract for other reasons).

        But I'm sure with 7th son we can expect a level of consistent quality. Nothing on openrice yet (too new). Might drop in towards end of the year instead of FLM if it's not outrageous.

        1. re: M_Gomez

          too bad, but i do look forward to hearing about this place

        2. To us foodies, I don't think who the owners are really makes a big difference. Its the chef manning the kitchen, be it the old or the new outfit that is going to be the major criteria?!! With ' brain drain' involving former FLM chefs leaving for the likes of Gu Fu Lao and even a couple landed at 'Casa Victoria' here in Toronto. Considering the 'limited availability' of established master chefs, I am more interested to find out where this new seventh son restaurant get their chefs from and what their credentials are like?

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          1. re: Charles Yu

            i agree with you that it doesn't matter who the actual owners are vs the chefs, but I've found when owners change other stuff changes about the restaurant such as the chef (which would be your point), the menu, quality of ingredients etc and it often times leads to a change in quality (usually for the worse, but not always)

            1. re: Charles Yu

              The new restaurant is about 8 mins away from FLM, and will occupy 3 floors in a building at 6 Tonnochy Road. 4th floor is kitchen + office, 5th floor is the restaurant dining room and 6th floor is VIP which I'm sure the spendy fanbase will have more privacy.

              From what I've read, most of the chefs come from the overseas branches of FLM, and are trained by 七哥. They probably need some time to ramp up.

              1. re: Charles Yu

                Charles, Brother Seven was trained in the kitchen by their father, and was responsible for doing QC on the food. I would often see him at a table during lunch. He may not be the one cooking and may not have the HK FLM chefs on his staff, but I wouldn't dismiss him so easily. If I were a betting man I'd probably bet on him in the long run.

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  Just had my first dinner there last night. I'd say food is maybe 80-85% of FLM's level, but it's early days still.

                  Will put out a more detailed blogpost in the next day or so.

                  1. re: Peech

                    "80-85% of FLM's level" is good enough for me, that will put it head & shoulders above some of the top Cantonese spots in HK or Singapore.

                    1. re: Peech

                      Thanks for the report. Interestingly just read a review by "Ah So" somewhere, and she put Seventh Son on full blast, saying both Fook Lam Moon and SS were very disappointing, and it was a matter of which one disappointed less. She even claimed she went to SS on a Saturday night and 7th brother wasn't even there to supervise.

                      I might take the plunge and try Rozan end of the year...but may end up at Sase instead and/or one of the new izakayas (Gonpachi or the new Okinawa themed one from Japan). Apparently one of Sase's sous chefs started his own place in Central, but doesn't sound super exciting so far.

                      1. re: K K

                        No offense, KK, but why anyone who knows anything about food would bother to read Ah So is totally beyond me

                        1. re: Peech

                          None taken! Her article was reposted on a blog of various food articles that I follow, which was also my source of first knowing about 7th son's opening. But bottom line, Ah So's article was just pure entertainment :-), if not to see the pictures of what she ate. That's all she is good for, it's certainly not gospel. It's like gossip columns, but for food news.

                          My cousin works in Wanchai within minutes of FLM and 7th Son, so I might have to get my ass over there with her when I head back end of the year.