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Esprit vs Main Event

I am debating between these 2 caterers for an affair. The problem is I eat out but the food must be kosher. This is disappointing to me as I do not feel kosher food will be as good as non-kosher food. Not because it can't be but because it doesn't have to be given the lack of choices.

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  1. Other than your first sentence, the rest of your post is unclear to me. What do you mean that you eat out but the food must be kosher? If you eat kosher food, why do you think it won't be as good as non-kosher food? And what is the lack of choices you refer to?

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      Plenty of great kosher caterers! Don't assume kosher means gefilte fish and ptato kugel only. And just bcause its not kosher doesn't mean it will be good, either!

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        I think you meant to reply to the OP, not my post. I have no problem with kosher food or kosher caterers.

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          Oops! :)

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        If I may speak for the OP, my guess is that she means that while she, personally, eats in non-kosher restaurants, she wants to have a kosher caterer, perhaps due to the standards of others at the wedding. However, she is disappointed by the quality of the food offered by kosher caterers, which do not meet the standards she has come to expect as a person woh eats at non-kosher restaurants.

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          That is exactly what I meant. Thank you.

      3. I have been to several events catered by Main Event and they were very good. I will also say that everything I have had from Esprit has been delicious as well. I am going to honest about my bias and let you know that my close friend is Esprit's event/menu coordinator. Their presentation is beautiful and the food is delicious and fresh. My friend used to be in non-kosher food and beverage management, so she understands the mindset of many clients like yourself who feel that kosher food can't be as upscale and good tasting as the non-kosher counterpart, and she and the chef and the company work hard to make sure that it meets your standards.

        I get to see sneak peek pics of new recipes and presentations that they try. Definitely give them a call because they are always doing new and creative stuff. (I'm sorry if this sounds too much like an ad).

        If you want another option, we used Prestige Caterers for my wedding, and they also did my engagement party (and my bat mitzvah and my sister's and my brother's bar mitzvah. Our family is pretty loyal :-) ). We are always impressed and come away from our affairs more than satisfied with the taste, quality, presentation and quantity of food as well as the service by their managers and Maitre'Ds.

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          Thank you. I too have used Prestige in the past. I don't think that they are as good as they used to be. That said, these 2 caterers have exclusives at the location so it has to be between them.

        2. Someone getting married?

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            No. For a bar mitzvah.

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              FoodChickNYC, can you please contact me privately after yomtov? zev@sero.name