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Sep 3, 2013 09:19 AM

Frisco Help

So, my office just moved to the Tollway and 121, AKA a barren wasteland of food despair. I like ethnic, authentic, hole in the wall restaurants. However, if something else is worth noting, please share. Anyways, I've searched on Frisco (what a depressing activity that was) but am willing to drive 15-20 minutes for lunch. That limits out Richardson but includes Plano. I am already familiar with options north/east of here (Plano and North Dallas). I have good handle on Carrollton as well. What I don't know is Frisco, Lewisville, The Colony, McKinney etc... Please advise as to lunch options. Thanks!

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  1. Hopefully, LH will come to your rescue.

    1. Marianas Taco Shop might be worth a visit.

      1. Sake Toro has passable sushi, but may be a little pricey for workday lunches.

        1. In McKinney, try Patina Green's lunch counter (on the square). I have had excellent wagyu beef quesadillas there. If you have a little cooler, bring it along ... you may want to pick up some things while you're there. They have house-made and local stuff, including meats, cheeses, produce, bread, pastas, chutneys, etc. Around the corner is Local Yocal (not to eat, but to buy local beef, etc.).

          1. Frisco
            Mariana's Taco Shop - I have only had the fish taco and the California Burrito. If you want Mexican and not Tex-Mex this is your place in Frisco

            Three Squares - I have been eyeing Three Squares in Frisco but have yet to go. I think it has only been open about a month now. Looks pretty good.

            Cedars Wood Fired Grill - My in-laws really love Cedars Wood Fired Grill in Plano and I am sure the Frisco branch wouldn’t disappoint. It is a mix of everything like Three Squares.

            3 Stacks BBQ - I have heard good things about 3 Stacks BBQ, again yet to go.

            Kenny’s Burger Joint – I still prefer Hopdoddy and Haystack over Kenny’s but it is a great option up north.

            Babe’s Chicken Dinner House – I am not a big fried food eater but it is good if you only have chain options.

            Thai Green Village - I guess if you were in a pinch and had to have some Asian food then this is the best place in Frisco.

            Edoko Sushi and Robata – Have yet to go but I have been following them on FB and they look decent. Nothing mind blowing.

            Bull Asian Bistro – Korean spot in Frisco spells sweet galbi and bulgogi for me….I am not a big fan of Korean but if you just have to have it this will save you a trip to Carrollton. It is more fusion than Kroean but they do have the classics.

            Bawarchi Biryani Point – Not sure if this place is as good as the signature restaurant in the old Clay Pit location in Addison. Their buffet was very good. I would give it a shot only after Chennai Café in Plano

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              Working on the other cities Plano, The Colony, Little Elm, Carrollton and Lewisville.

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                Forgot about Platia Greek Kouzina too, def get that in the rotation.

                1. re: air

                  I've been twice now since the move (twice before as well) and I don't get it. Is there a dish that you would highly recommend? At this point I've had a ton of items, and it's definitely decent and worthy of my Frisco-has-terrible-food-so-I-have-no-better-options rotation but I get the impression on this board that people think it's phenomenal Greek food. I'm hopeful there's a standout dish I just haven't tried yet.

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                    So far what have you hit up on the suggestions? Whiich have you liked and what would you recommend from each of the places you did like?

                    Also for all of the places you hated, what was it that you got so we can avoid those dishes if we are stuck at the place.

                    1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                      Well, the only place i expressed a distaste for on this thread was Platia Greek Kouzina (granted I've posted lots of negative stuff on other threads). I've had the gyros, lamb souvlaki, all the dips, octopus, moussaka and maybe some more stuff. It's all fine, I agree with Air when he says it's the best option we've got. I just wouldn't drive to Frisco for it, as I had been prodded by friends to do in the past.

                      The only ones I've been to off of your list so far are 3 Stacks and Barwatchi. I thought 3 Stacks was very good. Not as good as pecan lodge but another great example of the improved BBQ in Dallas. I had brisket and sausage and both were good. The brisket has great bark and was very moist but was lacking in a strong smoke flavor and slghtly under seasoned. That is if i have to point out a flaw, it was very good.

                      Regarding Barwatchi, I went a couple weeks ago and again today actually for lunch. I've had biryani, chili chicken (wet) and gobi manchurian (wet). The latter two are my favorite indo-chinese dishes and the former is among my favorite Indian foods. All of it was good though probably not noteworthy.

                      I do plan on trying all of the places on the list, I have plenty of time to do so. I haven't been in a huge hurry though as most of your descriptions include something along the lines of "best option if you're up that far north" or "good in a pinch". That is not to say I am not grateful, I am. But that's probably why I have procrastinated in exploring Frisco further when I know great options in Carrollton and Plano.

                      Other notes from my Frisco adventures: I've been to Fadi's up here which is stylistically different/inferior to the one in North Dallas. Like the 75/Knox location, the Frisco Fadi's is not a buffet. For those who don't know, the one at Preston and Beltline is a buffet with all you can eat cold vegetable items including hummus, babaghanoush, fatoush, tabouli, chickpea salad, pasta salad and a few more options. I went to Pizzeria Testa which is great. I think it's a small notch below Cane Rosso but certainly on par.

                      I drove out to Carrollton and tried a new place inside the H-Mart shopping center that specializes in sundae guk, a sausage soup. That place was very good though I prefer the sausage at WD Smoke. They also had gimbap which is Korean sushi that was excellent and cheap. The key difference between gimbap and normal maki sushi is instead of mixing vinegar with the rice they mix sesame oil.

                      That's about it so far, I'll try to do better posting updates.

                    2. re: demigodh

                      Also do you still need those Plano/The Colony etc suggestions?

                      1. re: LewisvilleHounder

                        Absolutely! I know Plano pretty well but I am clueless about The Colony and Lewisville.

                      2. re: demigodh

                        No I wouldn't call it phenomenal Greek food, it's more if you are really craving Greek, that's the best option we've got.