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Jul 26, 2004 12:55 PM

Austin - Hangover remedy

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IMO, after a full day of drinking, nothing cures my woes like a good, cheap, sunday morning breakfast. One of my favorites is Juan in a Million (east ceasar chavez). I went sunday, had the Don Juan, and left feeling like a champ. For $2.75, the Don Juan is hard to beat, i made three big tacos from the egg, potato, bacon, and cheese filling. Anyway, where are the other hangover remedies around town, I'd like to try something different next time around. Thanks.

Piece and chicken grease!

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  1. I personally think Tia Maria's Taco XPress is the bomb. Tacos al pastor with tons of the chichumurri sauce. If you can get that hot stuff down, it kills everything...including your stomach lining.

    btw - did you hear they're trying to move? wow.

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      rally burrito

      Tacos al pastor is my favorite taco dish, i need to get down there and take them for a spin, i live in mid-town so I don't make it down to Taco XPress enough. No, i didn't know they were moving, do you know the new location? that place is an icon, are they being forced out?

      Who else serves good tacos al pastor? my favorite is changos on guadelupe, but a $3 a pop (a la carte), they are a little pricey.

      1. re: rally burrito

        My favorite pastor are:

        Tia Maria's Taco Express
        Taquerria Arrandas (sometimes, sometimes they're not so good)

      2. re: amysuehere
        George Angelo

        Per the Walgreen's site plan, TacoExxpress will move across the parking lot to the southeast about 50 feet and the drug store will replace the trailer park. I'd much prefer the trailer park to another stinkin drug store...

      3. Do you have the "stomach" for menudo? Or Posole? There are plenty of places in the E. Side that serve both. I like the Posole at Las Manitas.

        Who has the best menudo?