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Sep 3, 2013 08:36 AM

Noodle Pudding - bake or not?

Making a noodle pudding with eggs, cottage cheese, sour cream etc. - making it today for Thursday. Would you bake it today or Thursday?
Do I need to be concerned with the raw egg in the mix if not baked today?

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  1. I dislike reheated kugel so I would wait. The eggs will be fine as long as it is refrigerated.

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      Also wondering - have never done this though - has anyone ever lined the bottom of the pan with parchment? I realize it is very liquidy going in - but the result hope is to have good form - and if I was using pyrex (preferable IMHO) I wouldn't - but I am using a disposable large tin - it is triple a recipe! ??

      1. re: smilingal

        Butter or spray the pan first then use partchment

    2. I would bake it today. If the noodles sit in the custard for 3 days, they will soak it up and turn to mush before you bake it.

      Go ahead with the parchment. It may not help, but won't hurt. You could also line the bottom AND sides using two perpendicular slings of aluminum foil, with enough hanging over the sides to allow you to lift the kugel out of the pan. Whether or not the recipe needs tripling depends on the dimensions of both your usual dish and the disposable one.

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      1. re: greygarious

        but if you bake it it will dry out.

      2. I would bake it today. The noodles will dissolve otherwise. Alternately, you could assemble the rest of the recipe, then add it to the noodles and do the final bake on Thursday. The egg/dairy/etc. mix should keep just fine in the fridge.

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          They will not dissolve, at least mine never have. They will soak up the custard, yes, but this is a dish with cottage cheese and sour cream, not a thin egg custard.
          It will no doubt be delicious either way.

        2. If I was worried about time/logistics on Thursday, I would pre-cook the noodles today, assemble the other ingredients and refrigerate them separately. Then combine and bake on Thursday.

          1. Thanks all, I made the decision with all of your input .... I assembled the mix, put it in a tin pan with a parchment bottom (which will allow for the pinholes of the previously used pan), and covered twice with plastic wrap and will bake it off on Thursday before I bringing it - which will also give it time to set and make the cutting easier.