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Corn Pasta Anyone?

I'm trying to cook for some new 'gluten-free' relatives. Some one suggested I get some corn pasta. Does anyone have any experience with corn based dry pasta? Good/bad/indifferent?

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  1. I have a bunch of gf friends -- they haven't found a corn pasta that doesn't fall apart/get mealy. They usually go for rice-based noodles. Yam threads are also good.

    1. Trader joe's has some great gf pasta options including corn.

      If you are still in planning the meal i suggest you avoid gf pastas and use naturally gf grains- make a polenta, serve quinoa, millet, rice, risotto, etc.
      spaghetti squash or zucchini "noodles" are another option.

      1. In anticipation of some gluten-free pupils, I tried brown-rice spaghetti and corn spaghetti and penne (La Veneziana, I think). The corn pasta was much better, in that it could be cooked al dente and didn't taste like brown rice. As a vehicle for sauce that provided an illusion of eating pasta, it was fine. But, as suggested, polenta and risotto are certainly better.

        1. Indifferent and the pasta can go to mush so quickly. I even tried soaking it instead of boiling and didn't care for that method either.

          Just didn't wow me as an interesting alternative.

          1. Hi, Puffin:

            IMO, it's like drinking non-alcoholic wine.


            1. I actually really like corn pasta. If cooked right, you can barely tell the difference. It's now our go-to pasta, and we have no gluten intolerances in the household. Here in Montreal, my favorite brand is La Veneziane, followed closely by San Zenone.

              1. I cook for a gluten-free friend and find spaghetti harder to master over and above shapes, which seem to be a little more forgiving - both rice and corn pastas seem to take longer to cook than wheat pasta, but they have a very narrow window between undercooked and mush.

                My favourite brand of GF pasta is Tree of Life, and my favourite variety is the fusilli. It's a corn and rice blend:


                1. Corn pasta is my least favourite gluten-free pasta but I do enjoy millet, sweet potato and blends of rice/other for both flavor and texture.

                  When cooking GF pasta, make sure not to use the same colander as you would for gluten-containing pasta. Same with plastic or scratched utensils as gluten can hide out in some pretty damaging spots.

                  1. I'm not part of the gluten-free fad but do enjoy alternative pastas nonetheless (especially the rice based ones). So I like the 'idea' of corn pasta, but generally find the texture is godawful. Not pleasant stuff.

                    Funny though...when I make homemade soup noodles. I usually _add_some gluten to the flour. LOL.

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                      I have celiac (not a fad to me!!) so it is absolutely necessary for me to avoid all gluten (sadly - I really, really miss it).

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                        Please understand...I know that there are unfortunate folks that NEED to avoid gluten.
                        But there are far more self-diagnosed cases where it clearly is a fad...avoiding gluten because of scare mongering or sensationalism (hence, my slightly ill considered characterization).

                        The vast majority of people, after all, have no real reason to go gluten free. many do it because they heard it on "Oprah" or other such sources.

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                          Thank you for your explanation and I completely understand and agree with you. Many folks also go gluten "lite" for silly reasons like losing weight. When celiacs go gluten free, we often gain weight because we are finally absorbing nutrients, etc. Dr. Oz unfortunately is another who has no clue about celiac. :-(

                    2. I cooked some once for a friend who was gluten-free... nobody really liked it. The texture was weirdly soggy.

                      1. Not a fan of corn pasta. Some of the rice ones are passable as long as they are not overcooked. The corn ones had an off taste and texture

                        1. I have experience with only one and it's a great one at that: Ancient Harvest's
                          Their pasta is a blend of organic corn and quinoa flours. It's delicious and doesn't get soggy. In fact, I've found it hard to overcook although the package says take care not to.

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                            Barilla now has various gluten free pastas that I find to be the best I have had. Corn and rice flour based.

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                              Love Barilla. I'll look for it. Don't think our local store carries it yet. I'll ask them to.

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                                My son eats a lot of pasta and has a sensitive stomach and I have been experimenting to see if gluten is the culprit. The Barilla is definitely the best one I have bought. My son is like the FBI when it comes to detecting something different about his food. I added meatballs and sauce and he couldn't tell the difference.

                            2. I don't have Celiac but I do have irritable bowel and yes I did learn about gluten free on Dr Oz n no, it's not stupid n not a fad because Iam in real pain so I thought I would try gluten free foods and what I found is my pain was gone so this is not just some fad rather people who are in real pain but dont have celiac are having their eyes opened from so called "silly" shows who end up truly helping them so I guess it's not so silly afterall when a tv show can lead someone to be healthier and pain free. Celiac is very real but so is gluten sensitivity for people who experience irritable bowel and other digestive issues. I also read that depression can come frome gluten sensitive issues, also anemia is another symptom. I have both anemia n a very long history with depression along with gastro intestinal problems. Don't underestimate the true value of a tv show where some may be a fad but many are for actual pain that people suffer through everyday and this show maybe just gave them hope for a pain free future!

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                                Welcome to CH, BrightLight! Lots of info on gluten free options on our boards, including Special Diets. Re. the OP's post, what brands of corn pasta do you like best?

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                                  My appologies for not first answering the question lol. My comment was meant to be a reply to the PROFFESSOR but I'm online through my phone so I couldn't figure out how to reply to his comment alone but I am glad to have signed up anyway n my answer to the original post is that I have only tried brown rice pasta so far n found it to be good in my opinion. With sauce you really cannot tell the difference from semolina pasta but it does take longer to cook. I will be trying corn pasta soon n I'll let you know what I think.

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                                    Hi Brightlight! No need to apologize, you're welcome to the boards. I have a friend who uses gf corn pasta in cold pasta salads and likes it a lot...she also uses a ton of veggies/cheeses in them to get away from grains, which is nice since in summer veggies are plentiful. Welcome again to CH!