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Sep 3, 2013 06:28 AM

Anyone been to Biang lately?

I haven't anything about Biang in quite a while and would like any fresh info since I am going tonight.

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  1. Last night and it was awesome as always. Pork buns, chicken and lamb and tofu skewers, fiddleheads, cold julienned potatoes, the requisite liang pi which still feel weird not eaten underground lol, lamb dumplings, and my personal favorite the "biang" noodles with minced pork. Although the cold liang pi are my favorite summer dish in the Underbelly, the hot biangs were astonishingly delicious last night. Most people order them with the beef or lamb, but my fave is with the minced pork. Such a rich, deep sauce. Love it. It was a bit crowded last night what with US Open tourist types. Not too bad, though.

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      I really enjoy the chicken wing skewers. Practically all their skewers, except for beef which is very hit or miss.

      1. re: Pookipichu

        Chicken hearts were one of my favorites. Will have to try the wings.

    2. No, but I'm looking forward to going back. Those noodles are so great!

      I also love the sausage and quail egg app.

      1. The cold liang pi is my absolute favorite! Get it cold and not the warm option. Something is lost in the contrast of textures when it is heated. All the skewer options are quiet good. However, they all feature the same sauces which is good but can get tiresome if you end up ordering an assortment. I remember finding the fiddlehead dish to be a bit disappointing. Cumin lamb with hand pulled noodles are also quiet good. Enjoy!

        1. We went back last night and had: Tofu skin and lamb skewers, fiddleheads (which they aren't really, just a bad translation for shaye cai, a wild, mountain vegetable), lamb dumplings, biang biang noodles with pork belly, liang pi noodles, the quail egg "canape", and lamb sandwiches. All was good and the service issues that many complained about when they opened were fully resolved--the service was excellent. It is a very pleasant place, full of young people having a good time.
          Everything was good, the liang pi delicious----but none of it was as exciting and vibrant as it was/is in the old take-out joints cum street food spots; or so it seemed to me. Everything tasted a little too much the same, yummy as it was. I know, it's basically a dinner made up of snacks, so one must judge it for what it is--and it is very good.

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            Good to hear that service has improved. I went to Biang around this time a year ago ( and service was so bad and the meal so one-note that I never intended to return. But with good service, I'll consider it as an option when I need a later-night spot in Flushing with above-average ambiance. Do you know if they're serving beer now?

            On a somewhat related note, I have become less enamored with the Xi'an Famous Foods branches in Manhattan. I usually get the spicy cumin lamb noodles and I have found the texture of the noodles sometimes to be hard and clumpy, spicing to be inconsistent, and less meat being provided. And while I know Manhattan rents are high, the food just doesn't seem to be good value anymore. I'm liking Spicy Village in Manhattan Chinatown a lot more for similar (though I know not exactly the same) noodles. I enjoy the food more and the prices are lower.

          2. Quick plug for the beef tendon skewers at Biang, which I had a few days ago... Friggin' amazing! You do have to be okay with the somewhat squishy interior texture, though. (However, not nearly as squishy as the stewed version seen at dim sum parlors, of course.)