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Sep 3, 2013 06:04 AM

Authentic Mexican across fro Exton Mall

Was out in Exton car shopping last weekend, and almost went for Capriotti's turkey when we noticed this joint right next door. We thought we'd take a chance, and it was a good bet. Buho's Authentic Mexican is very much the Puebla-style home cooking you expect in Norristown, South Philly or Kennett Square. Very inexpensive, fresh, great portions and friendly service. Carnitas were about the best I've had. Moist but not greasy. Huarache was on a tortilla that was crisp, yet still tender. Don't get up that way much, but it is definitely a return if I do.

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation - we've been looking for good Mexican in the area. We went to Don Gabriel's (in West Chester) a few months back, and tried Plaza Azteca (new location in Exton), but neither was quite what we were looking for.

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      Buho's is NOT "Tex-Mex" as almost all chains tend to be. They do have Burritos and even Chimichangas and Fajitas, but you're better off ordering authentic stuff IMO. I'm sure the staff will gladly recommend "home cooking" dishes.

    2. We were in the area yesterday and stopped by for lunch - all I can say is YUM. DH had a chicken/bean burrito and a chicken taco, DS had a chicken taco and black beans, and I had tamales with refried beans and rice. We also shared nachos as an appetizer - that plate was almost licked clean, I'm not saying by who... but the salsa was delicious! The black beans were creamy and a little garlicky. The pork filling in the tamales was moist and spicy, but the masa-to-filling ratio was a bit off (too much masa, not quite enough meat). Lunch for three was about $35. We agreed that we would definitely go back.

      1. Interesting, I just noticed this place on Monday when I had an appointment across the street. I am pleased to know that it is good--maybe I'll give it a try sometime! I confess to having been a little trepidatious at seeing the words "authentic Mexican" in that location. I live near Kennett Square and Elsmere, DE, where the surroundings just seem a little more authentic Mexican, if you know what I mean.

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          Not really ... How can a restaurant be too authentic? I have had GREAT meals in Kennett Square before the places got to commercialized and dumbed down the food.

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            I think you misunderstood me. I would not complain about too authentic--my worry would be not authentic enough, in such a very spiffy and squeaky-clean location as that shopping center in Exton. I love the Mexican in Kennett Square and Elsmere...the divier the better!

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              They do offer Americanized stuff like fajitas and chimicgangas, but I guess you have to do that in Exton. The place IS clean, but still pretty authentic. A good combination, IMO.