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Sep 3, 2013 03:38 AM

Best Vegetarian Dish at a non-Vegetarian Restaurant

I have a vegetarian friend with whom I often dine, and have trouble coming up with options other than vegetarian restaurants. As an avowed meat eater, I often forget whether non-vegetarian restaurants that I like have a good slate of vegetarian options! =)

Actually, I've enjoyed trying vegetarian restaurants that I honestly otherwise probably would not have sampled, and of course good Chinese restaurants always have an array of vegetarian dishes.

But I would also appreciate hearing about restaurants with a particularly good vegetarian dish or two --- especially new restaurants since I've been gone from Boston for several months.

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  1. Hamersley's Bistro always has wonderful vegetarian dishes on the menu. And, they have been offering great options for years.

    I just looked at the current menu and now I'm craving "Roasted Corn and Ricotta Lasagna with Summer Vegetables, Chick Peas and Parmesan-Chive Sauce." I can only imagine how well they will prepare this dish. Adding the chick peas completes the protein.


    1. Among new restaurants, Puritan and Co has some nice vegetarian options:

      I haven't had the heirloom grain risotto, but it sounds good

      1. Oleana in Cambridge for the various vegetarian meze.

        Baraka in Cambridge for the Melkha (stuffed eggplant) or the couscous.

        Rendezvous in Cambridge. I have never ordered the vegetarian option there, but everything I've eaten there has been so good. Looking at the current menu the vegetarian dish is Lasagna of Swiss chard and fresh ricotta with chanterelles, pesto + salted almonds.

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          Second the Oleana rec - they do an outstanding vegetarian tasting menu. We ordered the tasting for the table once when out with a vegetarian family member and I would order again even though I am not a vegetarian.

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            I've often at Rendezvous had the vegetable antipasto as my main course, with soup or another starter. It is impeccably fresh and a nice variety, especially with their crusty bread.

          2. Best I've had this year is the summer farm board for two at Sycamore: corn crêpes, fried green tomatoes, eggplant involtini and summer squash gratin. Wonderful.

            On the more casual side, Root in Allston is a straight-up vegan place with very nice food, like an outstanding veggie burger and fries.


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              I second Sycamore. Unlike many restaurants, they change their vegetarian option often, and I've found their offerings to be inventive and delicious. It's an ideal place for a meat-eater and vegetarian to dine.

            2. The vegan tasting menu at Journeyman is always interesting and creative, even if every dish isn't a winner.

              It's nothing fancy, but the grilled zucchini taco at Painted Burro is one of my favorites. Smoky with a nice char and a crunch from a sprinkle of pepitas -- great bite of food.