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Sep 2, 2013 10:31 PM

Casual Sunday brunch, Veggie friendly, near Glen Park BART station?

I am trying to juggle at least three different social obligations next Sunday afternoon during a brief visit to the city. We will be in Sonoma in the am, and Reno by nightfall, and have to be in the area of the Glen Park BART station mid-afternoon. Yet somewhere in there I would like to squeeze in a quick brunch/lunch with my son, who will have a few hours free from his busy schedule Sunday (He lives in Redwood City). He is willing to travel a bit, but would rather stay on the west side of the Bay. We were thinking of parking somewhere on the way down from Sonoma (Richmond, or North Berkeley) and just taking BART the rest of the way....especially after realizing that there is a 49er game Sun pm. Any ideas? Near Glen Park or any other BART station in that general area would be best, as we will probably go straight from lunch to the other event and will be limited for time. Or we could possibly meet him somewhere near an East Bay BART station, and just park there and head over to the city. I just don't want to be anywhere near Candlestick (or have to drive past it)......Two of us are vegetarians, btw......

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  1. (and of course, I just realized that if son comes to meet us at Glen Park, he will have to fight the football traffic as well). OK, anything good near the East Bay end of the San Mateo bridge? That might work....

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        The BART stations closest to Redwood City are Union City and Fremont.

        There's a Saravanaa Bhavan near the Fremont station.

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          Now that's worth checking out, Robert, thanks! My husband would love the mini idli in sambar.....

          I will ask my son's girlfriend (who is of Indian descent and grew up in the area) if she's ever been to Saravanaa Bhavan. Is it a local chain?

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            Saravana Bhavan is an international chain based in India. The first location to open in the Bay Area is in Sunnyvale.

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              There are a lot of good Indian places in Fremont due to the huge number of Indian immigrants who live in the area. That's probably the best within walking distance of BART.

              If your son can pick you up and give you a ride, Chaat Bhavan would be a good choice. It's about 2.5 miles from BART.


        2. If he is willing to come to SF/Glen Park area, there is a small crepe place in Glen Park that has some very nice savory vegetarian crepe options and he also makes excellent home fries. It is called Higher Grounds.
          otherwise, there is Tyger's which is ok, but nothing special, just a decent greasy spoon, with a few vegetarian options.

          Higher Grounds
          691 Chenery St

          1. Update: As it turns out, son called me this afternoon and suggested we meet up tonight instead. We were already in Berkeley for the football game, so decided that somewhere in between there and Redwood City would work. My dad was with us, and he would want someplace with wine. We decided that Italian had the best chance of pleasing all involved, and we had to make a quick decision. I took a hint from Melanie below and googled "Italian restaurants in Hayward" Buon Appetito on A St. in central Hayward had several good comments and the location was convenient, so we ended up meeting there. It actually proved to be a decent choice: they have a LOT of good veggie alternatives; note on the menu if sauces/stocks are vegetable or meat based; and the prices are fairly reasonable. Son's GF and I both had the mushroom ravioli; very tasty. My dad had crab cakes, which he didn't finish but did ask to take home, so apparently they were tasty. My son had another type of ravioli; didn't catch the filling but it was in a butter sauce. He pronounced that it would make him fat, and that was a good thing:-) DH had fettucini alfredo.

            Best of all, they had spumoni (and good spumoni at that) for desert, so DH was happy (next to mango it is his favorite food in the entire world, and good spumoni is hard to find....).

            Dinner for five including a couple of shared appetizers, two soups, a salad, two bottles of wine, two coffees, and three deserts was about $220 including tax and a generous tip. Service was very good; they were kind enough to find us a table and let my (somewhat disabled) dad sit and rest there with a glass of wine while we waited for our son to arrive - even though we were a good 30 minutes early for our reservation. The restaurant was busy and a little noisier than I would have liked, but we all agreed it was a good place for an impromptu meetup, and my son suggested we keep it in mind next time we wanted a similar choice......

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              This turned out better than the original plan. Glad to hear Buon Appetito filled the bill.