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Sep 2, 2013 09:10 PM

Grady's, Dudley NC

Finally got to Grady's for lunch this weekend. We showed up kind of late and ordered a barbecue plate with field peas and a combo with fried chicken (they were out of barbecued). Simply put, this is one of the best barbecue restaurants in ENC.

The barbecue itself is coarsely chopped with nice smoke flavor and a hint of spice. When I say coarsely chopped, I mean somewhat diced and then tossed together. This allows you to taste distinctly different chunks of meat. The flavor and mouthfeel are rich, seriously porky with some skin mixed in. The skin, unlike Skylight's, is not crunchy and prevents their barbecue from taking the top spot.

Sides included field peas (a little sweet and delicious), potato salad (my least favorite, but ok), slaw (good version with some pickle, mayo and vinegar), and hush puppy-sized savory corn sticks.

The woman who runs the counter was very sweet and the food was great. I encourage any fans of ENC barbecue to make the fairly easy pilgrimage off of 795 to this destination barbecue joint. Top three in my book.

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  1. The skin rehydrates within minutes.

    1. Thanks for the report. I was just down in the neighborhood this weekend, and wanted to try Grady's for the first time, but our schedule didn't allow for it (since they're not open Sun/Mon).

      We had Sunday dinner at Wilber's and Monday lunch at Skylight though, and both are still great.