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Sep 2, 2013 08:16 PM

I have a 37 day old aged Prime Rib. What do I do?

I'm thinking of making it classily with salt and pepper with a garlic paste crust. Would love to hear some thoughts, alternate recpies or what you would serve as side dishes.

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  1. How many bones? I love making Côte de boeuf poêlée with dry aged beef. Keller has a great recipe called Yabba Dabba Doo in French Laundry.

    Again, you might not want to cut it up if it's more than 3 bones.

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      Its a 3 bone Prime Rib. I will look that up.

    2. On a 3 bone roast, his (Keller's) blow torch roast is amazing. If you bought a dry aged roast, the extra cost of a blow torch ($20) isn't much.

      1. We usually splurge at Christmas with an aged prime rib roast and have followed the low and slow approach tested out by several publications to achieve an edge to edge moist tender pink interior.

        Well seasoned exterior rubbed in olive oil, tons of Montreal Steak seasoning, thyme, garlic powder, oregano, rubbed into the surface the night before roasting then cooking as low as you can tolerate (225 F) until interior temp measures 120F.

        Pull out of oven and crank up the broiler to highest setting. crisp up By rotating all sides of the roast for perhaps 5 to 10 minutes, pull and rest for at least 15 minutes before carving off the bone. Final temp will be around 130F which meets our idea of perfection. Great flavored crust, moist and extremely tender.

        Add in some garlic horseradish mashed potatoes, a demiglace based gravy finished with the roast drippings, a few stuffed mushrooms and some roasted asparagus and that makes for a wonderful family celebration

        1. "What do I do?"

          Invite your best friend and someone whom you want to owe you a favor. ;-)

          First, skip the garlic paste -- it won't need it. If you're a garlic lover like I am, slice a head in half for each person you're serving, brush the tops of the exposed cloves with some EVOO and roast under foil until nice and soft. Serve on the sides of the steak with a sprig of rosemary stuck in 'em and let people extract and apply their own garlic paste if they want some.

          Sides? Heck, go full steakhouse. Make creamed spinach, potatoes either roasted, dirty mashed or hashed with duck fat, and some sauteed mushrooms. Serve with the biggest, baddest, oldest Cab you've got in the house. The one you've been saving for a special occasion.

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            First part is done:) Mashed potatoes with Duck fat seems heavenly. Good thing as this is for Rosh hashanah:)

          2. Go BIG on a great bottle of Cab!