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Sep 2, 2013 06:50 PM

Old Stand-byes

Faced with the usual dilemma of what to do with the surfeit of produce from my best friend's garden, we decided to turn to an old long-forgotten dish called ratatouille, a major staple on our table for years. Turned out to be fantastic, especially with fresh veggies. Does anyone have a dish out there, given the season, that you wrote off as a cliche, that you've recently rediscovered? Sometimes old friends are the best!
PS. I still have great memories of my Mom's Lobster Newburgh and Beef Wellington!

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  1. This could be a very long reply, but I shall spare recounting the table of contents from the original NYT. Thinking of foods of my childhood, popovers sound good. Also crab cakes using the Old Bay recipe as crab season begins to wind down.

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      1. re: ellabee

        Yes to popovers. And Yorkshire pudding.

      1. re: sandylc

        I agree . I've actually only had it once a few weeks ago but it always seemed interesting to me and like it would be tasty yet I kept reading how dated it was. Oh well, I gave it a try with swordfish and it was fabulous.

        1. re: sandylc

          One of my absolute favorites that used to be common on menus and never seen today!

        2. I've gone back to making quiche.

          And tonight we had tuna salad sandwiches. Surprisingly good with fresh oregano from my potted herb garden. Also fresh tomato sections and watermelon slices.

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          1. re: sueatmo

            Me too on the quiche. Such a versatile and tasty item.

            1. re: tcamp

              Me three. I swirl garden pesto into mine.

            2. re: sueatmo

              Tuna always hits the spot and for some reason I always scoff at it until it's the only thing around or I'm willing to make and I'm reminded how great it is.

              1. re: fldhkybnva

                Me too. But good tuna from Costco is quite good.

              2. re: sueatmo

                Yes to the tuna! We do a lot of improv spins on salad nicoise during the summer. So much better with all the fresh veggies and good oil packed tuna.

                Quiche is great but always seems to be more of a winter dish. Great made with the abundance of winter greens and squash.

              3. As my tomatoes and basil are competing with each other as to which can grow the most, bruschetta has been a lovely companion these past weeks. Even if all we have to put it on is toasted sandwich bread, yum.

                And waiting for our CSA bag on Thursday for the eggplant (hopefully), then ratatouille time. Might have to watch the movie first with the kiddo so veggies are "cool". Never underestimate the power of disney. . .

                1. Long-forgotten to you, maybe, but not on this website. They are all currently made, especially ratatouille.

                  There's a thread on vintage cakes on the HC board, and occasional discussions of aspic but the latter really does seem to be a rarity these days, save for the Julie Powells of this world, who are cooking their way through Julia Child or other seminal older cookbooks.