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Sep 2, 2013 05:59 PM

is there ANYTHING worthwhile to eat at the PNE?

last time I went it looked to be all overpriced garbage...bonus points if it is vegetarian friendly.

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    1. I was thinking how this banana bacon ear is tantalizing:

      1. With 99% of the stuff served at the PNE I would agree about it being overpriced and very bad value for things that don't taste that good.

        I was pleasantly surprised this year though with one stand - Smoke and Bones.

        These guys are the real BBQ deal. Unfortunately they don't have a restaurant and primarily focus on catering. But during the PNE they are setup with a stand at the fair so you can sample their goods.

        I tried both the brisket and pulled pork sandwiches. Both were pretty generous portions - a very good value.

        The pulled pork had a light smokiness without being overpowering. The meat was perfectly tender, and it combined well with the not overly mayoed slaw. A very nice sandwich!

        The brisket was the star of the show. Perfectly executed with a good bark and nice smoke flavour. The fat had been rendered properly but still the brisket was very moist. They really did a good job on the brisket. I would love if they offered a sliced version instead of just the pulled version. But as part of the pulled version there were a few larger chunks that gave the taste of being sliced as well. Nice contrast! I really enjoyed this sandwich.

        I wish these guys would open up a restaurant and give the other sub-par BBQ options around town a run for their money!

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          Nice report! I've seen their vehicle somewhere, but can't remember... maybe it was at the North Van food cart thing? Agree it would be great if they went bricks and mortar.

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              It is always more difficult to determine the level of smoke ring with the chopped version, but the brisket definitely seemed to have a decent amount of smoke on it, and you can see in the picture that there was a bit of ring on the larger pieces.

            2. re: YVRChow

              Don't know if Smoke & Bones will be attending, but for those of you wanting to taste some great BBQ, the BBQ on the Bypass competition is being held this Sunday in Langley. For info, visit:

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                this caterer?
                ... interesting to view their photo gallery