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Sep 2, 2013 04:53 PM

Nice dinner @ Fortina in Armonk

Tried this new place in Armonk tonight. The food was delicious. It's quite large inside with an enormous bar and large dining room connected. There is a wood-burning oven next to the bar on the far end. We started with a homemade gardeniera. Never had it freshly made before. This was exceptional. We also shared an avocado and lettuce salad with a white balsamic dressing. So fresh and delicious. For mains my DH had the branzino, the special of the night. He said it was excellent although a bit expensive at $36 for the plate. I had the pork briacole . It was served on a bed of broccoli rabe. The meat was tender and delicious, the tomato sauce a bit spicy was the perfect accompaniment. I think it was $18.

While we had full dinners they are known for the pizzas and small dishes. Can't wait to return!

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  1. Thanks, debmom, I've been wondering about that place. I'll have to give it a try.

    1. Awesome to know.....Where are they exactly and do you think it's ok to go with a 2 and 6 year old? I can always wait until I have a babysitter to

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        There were lots of kids there last night. I would think it might be a different crowd as it gets later in the evening, but we were there early. Hope you like it!

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          17 Maple Avenue, Armonk and there is a parking lot

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            I checked the website...Forgot to mention, what are the prices like? I hate when they don't put prices!!
            So it's in the new area where Diccioco is...Perfect to know the location..Thanks!

      2. Went to Fortina last night, The vibe is quite loud and it is hard to hear even the server speak, so if you're looking for a quiet night, this is not the place. I will say we got there at 6:15 and there were still a lot of kids there so later is probably better.The big screen tv did not help and when we first arrived it was playing a family movie and later switched to a football game. The feel is like you're kind of in a big crate with concrete floors and slatted wood chairs and walls, but it's kind of cool looking. Servers, managers are all young and eager to please. However, our server was not very well versed in the menu, preparations or the bar. I ordered a glass of wine which came with no issues, My husband, however, ordered a margarita, straight up with salt and that did not fit on the IPAD they take the orders on. So my drink came and no margarita. Server came back - what kind of tequila? Patron, my husband said. No margarita. Server came back - we don't have patron. What do you have, we asked? She started naming other liquors, not tequila. So we asked about tequila again. She had to go back to the bar. She came back with a list, and my husband ordered. One of the managers came over with a glass of tequila. My husband questioned it and the manager said, oh, you wanted this in a margarita? Now mind you appetizers have arrived at this point and DH got his margarita. My husband ordered the Florentine Steak medium rare and the server told him the steak had to be medium well and she was quite adamant about it until we asked for the manager who told us that is absolutely could be medium rare. Anyway, I was not holding out much hope for this place and then the food arrived. It was wonderful. DH had the wood roasted bone marrow served with wood roasted garlic bread. It was heavenly and perfectly seasoned. I did not have an appetizer of my own, preferring to steal forkfuls of his marrow. For dinner, I had the pizza Margarita with an addition of garlic confit and shaved vidalia onions. It arrived ice cold and they made me a new one. Lets just say that since I was in Italy, this is the best pizza I've had. The char on the crust was perfect - and of course they use 00 flour from Italy. The sauce was great - not to peppery and well seasoned. I ate the entire thing - I never manage that!! My husband had his Florentine steak and because he has a dairy allergy they also assumed they didn't have to season it. Once they corrected that he enjoyed it. I didn't think it was a $42 steak -sorry. For that price it had better knock my socks off, and it did not. All told, we will go back, though we'll go later! And have pizza!!!!

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          That's a LOT of little things to be wrong and need to be corrected and redone and managers brought over etc.
          Too many for it to sound "attractive".
          It sounds like work!

          1. re: weedy

            Honestly, I dont know how much was our particular server. I don't think she's ever waited tables before. I will give it another try - the pizza was that good - and if that fails I will take out from there!!

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              I found this video, there are others. The owner Christian appears so laidback and likeable. He seems to possess the I don't take myself so seriously, childlike quality which I find endearing when he discusses his ovens/pizza . The pizza looks really good as does the rest of the food.


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            We ate there shortly after they opened and found it to a nice experience, but experienced some of the issues you did. I ordered the chicken which came to the table hot on the outside but pink/red inside. The server brought it back to the kitchen who explained, " that's how the chef makes it.". Although they were kind enough to cook it more for me, by the time I got it back, I was sort of "icked out" and didn't want it any more. I think the spot has real merit and real possiblity but they have to nail it all down to get me back.

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              We went back last night because DH wanted the pizza. After we ate there last they sent us a comment form to fill out which I did. When we came back everyone greeted us. One of the owners came back and told us "no well done steak tonight, I promise" so they read the feedback. Service was excellent - we had an experienced server this time. And, one of the owners brought us a small florentine streak cut up on him for us the share as an appetizer. In all, they totally redeemed themselves.
              And what I really liked was that they cared enough to do so. It's still too noisy for me, but weeknight was better. Not a place to relax but a place where the staff really cares.

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                BTW - It sounds like you may have had the same server we had the first time - she insisted that the Florentine steak can only be served medium well. Sounds like she felt the chicken could only be served raw!

            2. I have yet to try Fortina but they served their burrata with butternut squash and brown butter crostini at the Greenwich Food and Wine Festival this past weekend and it was the single best thing I ate all day. It certainly made me want to make the drive to check out the restaurant

              1. A "Very Good" review in this weekend's NYT.