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Sep 2, 2013 04:17 PM

Marylebone Celebration Dinner [London]

We are visiting from the US and looking for a top-notch place for four people to celebrate one's 70th birthday. We are staying near the Bond Street station and would like to find something in the neighborhood.

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  1. I'm very fond of Locanda Locatelli, an elegant Italian restaurant a very short walk from the Bond St. station. I suppose it depends a bit from where you're from in the States and if you like Italian food.

    Don't be afraid to jump in a taxi for a short ride from where you're staying. That part of London is filled with excellent choices. Any favorite type of cuisine the group might enjoy? That helps the people here to come up with names.

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      I'd second Locanda Locatelli without any hesitation.

      Brasserie Chavot is another option to consider:

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        You're also close to La Gavroche but not sure if you could get a table (depending on when you're coming) -- need to book TODAY.

        Murano by Angela Hartnett is not in Marylebone but is not far from Bond St. and is very good. I'm off there for lunch today!

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          Thanks to all for the suggestions. We are an adventuresome group, with interests ranging from south Asian to South American. The person whose birthday we are celebrating tends to stay away from red meat, but that should not be a big problem.

        2. All good suggestions although you could add the Square which is only a short walk away and is really high class cooking.

          Interested to hear BT's thoughts on Murano, I was a little underwhelmed on two visits, one lunch one dinner

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            Again I would recommend all these suggestions, just beware they are all reasonably difficult reservations on peak days/ at peak times.

            L'autre pied is also pretty good and a shortish walk.

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              Murano was really really good.

              I had roasted sweetbreads to start, and duck breast w/grilled foie gras as a main. It was cooked very well.

              My wife had orechiette which I didn't really love, but mine was great. About on par with river cafe, though cooking to a higher level technically. Can't recall enough details of meal for a thorough review, but thought it was great.

              Service is very good, very professional but laid back/friendly.

            2. I don't know if it's upscale enough but I really love Galvin Bistro du luxe, really delicious classic French food and if the prices aren't steep enough you can splurge on the wine list!