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Jul 23, 2004 02:13 PM

Austin -- where is the best margarita?

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hey everyone, i'm a first time poster.

recently i had an authentic margarita (tequila, fresh squeezed lime juice, and Cointreau) and now i'm hooked, who makes the best ritas in town? what about price?

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  1. Welcome! We need more posters here, esp for Austin.

    Lots of restaurant are making good margaritas now. I was at Curra's last night - there were several choices sans sweet and sour and lots of good tequila choices. My food absolutely sucked. Don't order the Marisco soup, it smelled something awful (everyone at the table smeeled it right away) and they used little bait shrimp that tasted like sorbate).

    My favorite plane ole house marg is at Polvo's. It's a pretty large glass and decently strong at $4.50.

    El Chile on the E side has lots of good choices.

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      rally burrito

      i frequent Polvo's quite a bit, there basic rita taste like it comes from a mix, I'm trying to stay away from triple sec. thanks for the other recommendation, I'll give it a shot next weekend.

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        Yes, there's probably sweet and sour in that one. Of course, I prefer the purist version better. But most people are charging $7.50 and up to god knows what for a good marg. I can't afford to get drunk that way too often!

    2. yes, welcome!

      I couldn't agree more, rudeboy. best basic rita is Polvo's.

      Best unusual margarita, though, and truly my favorite drink in town for a refreshing summer drink is the rasberry rita at Eddie V's north. It's not on the menu. you have to ask for it.

      Hey, speaking of which, i though you and i were scheduled for a drink, rudeboy. how bout this weekend?

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        Shoot, I just now checked the board. Maybe we need to have a margarita/botana gathering?

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          sounds good to me.

      2. The wife and I ate at Z Tejas Arboretum last night. Their top shelf was very good-- of course, I am more of a beer drinker, just thought I would splurge last night. Also, the food was very good.

        1. My friends and I were all impressed this evening with the 'ritas at the new Santa Rita Tex Mex Cantina on 35th. I had the house marg on the rocks, and it was very good. Made with lime juice...not sweet and sour. They will also adjust it to your flavor if you like them a little more or a little less sweet.

          My friends had the frozen margs: one house frozen, and the others had the mango frozens. They said the mango margs were some of the best they've had in town, with a fresh mango flavor.

          Price wasn't listed the house rocks at $4.95, and I think the frozens were right around there too. During happy hour, they are a dollar cheaper. Today's happy hour (Sunday) lasted until 6. Waitress said till 7 on saturdays.

          Food was good too, but I guess that's a comment for another thread ;-)