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GREAT Tacos in a Citgo Gas Station?

Oh yes my friends this little gem inside the Citgo mart gas Station on Rt33 across from Lucentos Italian restaurant in Millstone NJ .........they have a nice convenience store with a grill and off to the side a really cozy secluded table area for eating. Now the best part they I would assume the very friendly Indian owners(?) serve killer good Latin food, & SUPER Tacos which I totally enjoyed, many Spanish menu choices also, besides cheese steaks, burgers, etc, etc, at very affordable prices. ..
the home made Red & Green Hot sauces is excellent also...Give it a try !....Thank me later!! enjoy!

519 State Route 33
Millstone Twp NJ

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  1. i drove by that station pretty much everyday. I do notice that sign on the convenience store. Will certainly give it a try when i get a chance.

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      yCf...give it a shot you'll be very surprised...enjoy.

    2. I stopped by here once and got some tamales...they were great!

      1. No kidding. I'll give the joint a stop. thanks, Tapas.

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            just finished off 3 tacos. $8 with a bag of chips and soda. They are quite good. Soft corn tortillas with pile of tomatoes and lettuces.
            The red and green sauce are great. Definitely recommended if you are driving by and looking for a good quick (slightly greasy) bite.

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              I stopped by a few weeks ago with my kids and also sampled the tacos. My gold standard is North of the Border (mine were also greasy and a bit gristly), and these were not NOTB quality, but a nice find nevertheless. The owner/guy behind the counter could not have been nicer (threw in some cake on the house). He asked if we liked things spicy and cooked us up some hot peppers with the seeds still in. I don't know if they were jalapenos or some other variety (one was green and one red). They were oh so HOT; couldn't finish them off.

        1. There's a place like this up in Boston across from MGH hospital, the management could be Mexican - the tacos are great!


          1. We were jonesing for some of that really good pie and pudding made from that one source dark chocolate across Rt 33 from the Citgo so we had to try their food on our way home.
            As previously observed, it is not NoTB, but it is the third best food I have ever had at a gas station! Nice find Tapas.
            We ordered some of every kind of taco they had and found the pork the best of the bunch with a liberal amount of cracklins mixed in with the meat. The chicken was next, juicy and fresh, but the steak and the tongue were not as good - just skirt steak would have been better but I know how expensive it is.
            Still the best meal on that stretch of road now. I miss Pom Pom BBQ.

            1. This place was mentioned this past Sunday on the "Dining Today with Pat Tanner" radio show on 920am in West-Central NJ as well as streaming at "http://www.920thevoice.com/"

              She had the lengua tacos but also mentioned some of the daily specials as well as the homemade hot sauces. Could not help but suspect Ms. Tanner is likely perusing this board...

              1. WOW! Were we disappointed! My wife and I, after reading the reviews and the buzz found it to be below expectations.

                For $8, three 3" corn soft tacos, badly chopped greens (no avocado) dried out chopped flavorless meat, topped with too much cilantro and four quartered limes DO NOT make a great taco!

                Stick to pumping gas and leave!

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                  I have to agree - I was not impressed. Except for the Carnitas, the meats were not even seasoned.

                2. Stopped by today,...... had a mix Chorizo, Pork, Beef special $6.99 Soda & chips Incl, wasn't impressed this time,...
                  no limes, lemon instead,? :-( ...
                  avocados weren't ripe either !
                  Homemade Hot Sauces were good.
                  oh well can't complain at these prices!... lol

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                    I noticed a lot of Mexican joints switched to lemons because of the lime shortage...

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                      The Pho place I go to did as well. A recent episode of the Brian Lehrer Show had a discussion about the lime shortage. David Karp, produce columnist for the Los Angeles Times and citrus researcher believes the lime shortage should be over once summer rolls around.



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                        There are also assertions that struggles between Mexican drug cartels are affecting lime supplies, and that there are similar incursions into the Mexican avocado trade as well...


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                      Still looks pretty good for $7.

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                        Still there are more than a dozen taquerrias in this area that will serve good tacos WITH lime and ripe avocado for about the same price...

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                          are any of those taquerrias near that gas station though?

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                            Probably not, though I suspect most folks on this board aren't either...

                    3. I respect people's opinions, and if I were passing by, I'd try the place based upon what I am reading...however...great tacos and Citgo gas station are not two things that I would ever dream of going together, LOL.

                      1. And, bu the way, I know that gas station. I am not there often, but I had been to Luchento's and know the gas station.

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                          Its right across the street from Lucentos on Rt 33.........but as I reported it's a 50/50 hit or miss on the tacos,..they get a big Latino landscaping clientele hence the Spanish menu.
                          The Chorizo was my favorite.