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Sep 2, 2013 01:37 PM

Does noodle kugel freeze well?

I'm making a noodle kugel for Rosh and it will be way more than we can use in 1 day. Thinking about freezing half to use later. Is this a good idea?

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    1. Yes, but I strongly suggest you wrap it tightly in saran wrap, not just in a foil pann with lid. This will avoid the frost buildup and it will not absorb odors from the freezer.

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        Or freeze in airtight plastic containers

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          I agree with bagelman. Very important.

          1. Wouldn't know. We never have any left over.

            1. When I lived in VA i used to (too often) by a kugel from 7 Mile Market and freeze it for "later" It worked well for me. I once was even gifted one by a formaer local friend here in Pa and re froze it (after taking it home and again it was yummy!