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Sep 2, 2013 01:22 PM

Hollywood Cafe - Tunica, MS

They claim to have invented the deep fried pickle here and if quality lends credence to that claim, I am now likely to believe them. I must have eaten deep fried pickles in at least 25 or more places over the years and the ones I had today at the Hollywood Cafe were by far the best. The pickles were sliced perfectly - not too fat or too thin - breaded sparingly and crunchy with both the fried batter and the pickle itself. And they were sour, plenty sour, the way I like them. They came with ranch dressing, which was fine, but I tend to like to throw some spice on them as well so I squirted them with Louisiana hot sauce. These were truly excellent deep fried pickles.

The lunch special of the day was fried or grilled pork chop with mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans or turnip greens and cornbread. I went for the grilled - having had my fried pickles already - and it was excellent. Not overcooked at all, yet not pink enough in the middle to give my nervous friends (needlessly nervous if you ask me) pause to eat it. The mashed potatoes were real, not from a box, and the gravy on them was very good. The greens were not overcooked either, with very little else other than greens in evidence - and I happen to like the flavor of greens - so I was happy. The cornbread as good, moist, not sweet - just the way I like it, too.

I will be back to the Hollywood Cafe.

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  1. It has been several years since I have been by there but they had some of the best fried shrimp I have ever eaten anywhere. I'll never know why there is so much great seafood in the middle of the Delta, but I sure ain't complaining!

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      It is indeed one of the great mysteries. Now if only they can figure out how to have truly excellent tomatoes year-round, the world will be an even better place.

    2. Sadly we never ate there when Mrs. Sippi and I were dating. The one time we went to Tunica her parents wanted to do AYCE at a casino and The Hollywood had a line up.

      FWIW, The best fried dill pickles I've had were at Champy's in Chattanooga.