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Sep 2, 2013 11:29 AM

Green Vegetarian Restaurant - Whitestone

I'm always looking for resto's in Whitestone (in-law territory), and googling brought this up:
Appears to have broad menu of both veg and non.
They're showing a 15% grand opening discount until the end of Sept:

Will likely be going myself very soon, as I'm due for a trip to W'Stone, but would love to hear of anyone's experience, esp with the veg options. TIA!

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  1. I went and had a wonderful meal. My MIL was willing to go along with my veg selections, and we ordered both Chinese and Thai dishes. I made it very clear to our darling waitress that everything we ordered had to be vegetarian, and if I ordered anything which wasn't veg, I would be most grateful to so informed.
    The first dish to hit the table was an amuse of what I guess would be called crab rangoon wonton (crab and cream cheese filling), a dish listed on the menu with no vegetarian option. It was called something else by the waitress, and I took a bite and immediately thought we had been brought a crab dish. I went over to the waitress and asked if there was any crab in the dish. She assured me there was not. I then asked if perhaps the wontons contained some sort of fake crab, as often used in California rolls but which is made with surimi (pollack, a very real fish). This wonderful waitress knew exactly what I was referring to and assured me there was no fish of any kind in the wontons. Man, they were fabulous little packets!
    From the Chinese side of the menu, we ordered eggplant with garlic sauce, ma po tofu and sweet and sour chicken. (not exciting but if you're veg, as I am, you feast on these dishes). The eggplant was undercooked (a personal peeve). We sent it back once, twice and by the third time, we just accepted it, but it could have benefited from a few more circuits around a hot wok. An enigma to me why anyone would want crunchy eggplant.
    From the Thai side we had a fake beef dish and pad see yu,
    The best part of the service was 1) the waitress really seem to grasp that only truly vegetarian dishes were acceptable and 2) whenever I asked about a dish and she didn't like it, she truthfully yet diplomatically made it clear that we should consider other options. I LOVED THAT!
    All told, I considered it a successful meal because the service was knowledgeable and honest, the food was delicious (altho my request for ma la for the ma po was not honored but it was nicely spicy), Whitestone is a food desert. and it ain't easy to get good veg Asian food, especially with no parking hassles.

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      Thanks for your review. I pass this place all the time, and a couple of days ago I got a take out menu in the mail. We usually go to the newish incarnation of Buddha Bodhai in Flushing for the awesome veggie char siu and a whole assortment of other vegan treats. I will give this place a shot. 20 years ago this very spot was an excellent Chinese restaurant whose owners became our friends. My parents held my college graduation party there, and people still talk about the seared scallops in black bean sauce! I'm a bit sentimental about this site. :)

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        Recently visited Bodhai and had the best veg thing I've ever tasted - the baked char siu pastry (rectangle shape, 3 to an order). Great place;I liked it better than the original Bodhai.

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          Those are absolutley delectable! Chef David rocks.