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Sep 2, 2013 11:00 AM

Koz's Kitchen @ UN Plaza FM [San Francisco]

Yesterday we were shut out of Elmira Rosticceria on the way to Asian Art Museum (Elmira was closed for Labor Day, but it was free day at the museum, so it was a wash, luck/timing wise). I hoped we could find noshment at the FM and was I ever right.
Way down at the Market St. end was Koz operating in some kind of unison with Edith's Foods, which seems to be a bakery in Modesto. Three types of meat sandwich and one vegetarian were on offer for $8 each. I got the pulled pork with cole slaw on ciabatta, and while I'm no expert on that style, it seemed everything you could expect from whole hog type Q. Meat was neither too dry or greasy,and serving was huge.
After I finished I said to my pal Ike (who had brought my order) that some sauce would have been nice, and he sheepishly said that there was sauce, but he forgot. I complimented the cook, and said next time I'd have to try the sauce, he gave me a free side to take home with sauce.
Other options are try-tip and grilled pineapple, and smoked brisket and tzadsiki. Vegetarians will have to do their own research. In terms of price, quality, and speed of service, it puts most of your New Age Off The Grid Clownwagons too shame. Also got a great $6 sour cream coffee cake from Edith.

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  1. Nice. Koz's FB page says it's the hot food division of Edith's. And has a list of farmers market appearances:

    San Francisco Civic Center Farmers Market:
    Wednesday from 7am - 5:30 pm
    Sunday from 7am - 5 pm.

    San Mateo City College Farmers Market on Saturday from 9am - 1pm.

    Daly City Farmers Market on Thursday from 9am - 1pm.

    Los Altos Farmers Market on Thursday from 4pm - 8pm.

    1. Tried the pre-made muffaletta that they sell out of a cooler on my usual trip to the Civic Center farmer's market. It was OK but nothing particularly special. Maybe the hot sandwiches are the way to go?

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        I rarely think a cold sandwich is worth paying for. As Dan Leone once wrote "Why pay good money for something I could get out of my refrigerator?" But a hot sandwich is a meal.