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Sep 2, 2013 10:59 AM

Roasted Chilies- Lincoln or Omaha?

Anyone seen any chili roasters this year? Looking for roasted Hatch, Pueblo, Big Jim, etc.. chilies to skin and freeze.

Other seasonally related: finally started seeing Colorado peaches 2 weeks ago but I think they may be gone already! HyVee jacked them up to $2.50/lb which tells me that demand is starting to outpace supply. I'm going to Super Saver today and will see if they are stll cheap there.

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  1. Roasted Hatch chilis were all over the place the last couple weeks. Hy Vee, etc.

    As for peaches, Kimmel orchard near Nebraska City would be the place to go. You can pick your own. They're outstanding.

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      Have not seen at Hy Vee or anywhere else. Can you be more specific? Thansk for heads up on Kimmel peaches- had never heard of this before!

      1. re: e_bone

        It'll depend on your Hy Vee, but the one on 51st and Center had a huge display of Hatch chilies a few weeks ago. They may still have some dried, if nothing else. Usually the produce people will know what you're talking about if you ask them. Or just call them.

        The Hispanic grocery store at 20th-ish and Leavenworth in Omaha, as well as the stores along south 24th, would be worth checking out too.

        1. re: atom12

          Ok- I get the disconnect.. I was looking for roasting, not the chilies themselves (although you have to have the latter to do the former) :-)

          I've found plenty of chilies, just looking for roasting!

    2. So.. from the files of "It Never Hurts to Ask"... I called a Hy-Vee and the produce manager said "I just got some more cases of chiles but we've put the roaster away..."

      Me = Crestfallen

      And then he adds "if you will buy a case I'll get the roaster back out"...

      Me = Tail Wagging!

      So.. he's going to roast for me this Thurs or Friday. If anyone in the Lincoln area wants to join in and get some chiles to put in the freezer reply to this or send me a PM. They have hot and mild according to the produce manager.