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Sep 2, 2013 10:36 AM

Where do you go for 擂茶 (or Hakka Pounded Tea)?

Please do tell.


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  1. A little educational material for those like me who have no idea what this is

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      There are lots of killer youtube clips too

      e.g. 100 year old granny originally from Guangdong who settled in Taiwan, making HPT.

      And here's a savory version containing stir fried Chinese celery, dried shrimplets

    2. i've only seen it in asia so far.. singapore's hawker centers have a few that serve it over rice

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        Do they let it grind it yourself with mortar and pestle at the table? That's the funnest part of drinking this, beats sucking up tapioca balls with oversized straws.

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          My wife loves this stuff, but it's always the pre-made packets. The freshly ground version sounds so much better. I think you've given me my next project.

          Mr Taster

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            I'm also guessing what Heartland offers is powder form,


            although organic...the paragraph about 麵茶 is confusing me a little since they mention 擂茶 afterwards, but 麵茶 is a different beast (The Taiwan Storyland museum in Taipei has this in their food court


            But from what I could figure out, they also have a mini eatery inside their market (three locations: Santa Ana, San Gabriel, Walnut), and have some of the ingredients you can purchase to make your own. But it probably wouldn't hurt to call and ask if they can or would be interested in offering a version that is freshly grinded. The paragraph of the description doesn't mention peanuts though.

            I'm also guessing that the variety of peanut is important for the receipe, can't just use any kind, particularly if trying to recreate the Hakka Taiwanese flavor. The other ingredients can probably find from HK2 and similar type of supermarkets.

            Would rather have this stuff than those trendy vanilla almond milk drinks at farmers markets.