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Sep 2, 2013 09:55 AM

girls night 40th birthday for 15-18 ladies


Im looking for a downtown location (maybe east or west village or close by) to celebrate my 40th bday with 15-18 ladies. I want to keep it at $100 per person with food and drinks...We don't need a full sit down meal but somewhere lively, fun with good drinks and tasty light fare.

Any ideas?

Thanks is advance!

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  1. illili in gramercy - i was there with about 12 ladies for my bachelorette party and we had a really good time - shared numerous small plates and several bottles of wine. and i was definitely less than $100 per person.

    1. Buddkan in the meat packing district likely ticks the boxes. It also gives you "going out spots" after dinner.

      1. Look at Manon in Meatpacking. Stanton Social.

        1. Thanks! I will look into those. Did Stanton Social for my 35th and thats exactly the vibe we are looking for. Anyone been to Delancey and Ludlow or Cherry?

          1. Sons of Essex fits the above criteria. Decent music too