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Sep 2, 2013 09:52 AM

Value of my cast skillets

I've had the Canadian GSW since a teen was handed down from family.I just recently discovered this John Law &co Glasgow when camping. What might the value be ?

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  1. i don't know values - however it is interesting to learn more about the vintage gsw that you have - tho it looks like it could use some TLC - and don't overheat it - is it warped? hard to tell in these photos

    and i'm sure you know - NEVER put your hot pan in cold water

    GSW also shows up in vintage metal picnic boxes - small size, like a lunch for one or two people. They perforated the GSW symbol (logo) on the back of the picnic tin, so look carefully

    edit to add - one time about 5 yrs ago i was looking up vintage cast iron - and i found a website of a guy somewhere in midwest who appeared to have some expertise - anyway - i can't find that site right now - maybe gone - but here is something to start with

    and did you see this about the Law foundry in Ottawa - might be connected to the one in Glasgow
    start here and scroll down for photos and text

    1. The GSW isn't warped or cracked as well as my John law I'm cleaning and seasoning them today

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        well, those look nice - again, i'm not expert on values - i hope you are enjoying them for your use - see my post above for pix of vintage Law pan 3 -

        it is interesting, the website i refer to above - the guy in midwest or somewhere there - he had a spare old electric oven in his garage - and would fire it up to the "self clean" or some similar hi heat - and put in the vintage cast iron pans - and this was apparently the first stage in restore and clean - for his collection

        enjoy - they look great in the photos. I wonder what you cook in them?