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SD Night Market

Those folks up on Convoy St. are paying attention to the farmer's market craze and melding it with their hertage to create the first Asian Night Market on Sept. 28th.

I read about it here - http://www.sdnightmarket.com/about/

This could be very, very cool...

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    1. Ooo, at night. I like that idea!

      1. Thanks for this! It's about time someone came up with something like this. I hope it succeeds!

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            I read on Eater there will be a beer garden sponsored by Societe, Mission and Helms Brewing at this event. Bout time - looking forward to checking it out.

            While this maybe slightly O/T, I thought/hoped this would be the type of event the SD Public Market would be hosting in their Barrio Logan space (instead of what seemed like a series of exclusively $55+ per head events). I noticed the other day they shuttered their Sunday farmers market - anyone have the scoop on what's going on there?

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              Re: SD Public Market- From Facebook: 'We'll be focusing on building our first commercial kitchen, then shop spaces, and hosting community and private events. Farmers' markets will be back as icing on the cake when there's more activity there, maybe different days.'

              They will be hosting the TEDxAmerica'sFinestCity event on October 5 (a prior TED event was at Anthology just before it closed)

              Re: SD Night Market: I saw a tweet asking for vendors 12 days before the Night Market is to happen. Sounds a bit unorganized.

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                As long as the sponsoring organization has the right permits (which have to be in place at least 60-days out) and the vendors have the correct health permits, it's still probably doable. The regulation on something like this event is pretty extensive, not to mention daunting.

                I agree 12 days seems like cutting it close, but it could be some original vendors couldn't secure the proper permits (temporary food facility permit), perhaps cancelled, or they decided they had more space than they originally thought.

          2. The 626 Night Market had it's last gathering of 2013 this weekend. Crazy crowds-held on the Santa Anita racetrack parking area. We were there very early (3 pm) on the Saturday in early August and there was such a variety of booths and planned events for that weekend. (I saw ramen burgers but did not try).

            If San Diego has half as many booths, it will be great.


            1. I just hope that they have all the logistics worked out, incl. parking.

              The night market up in LA (Pasadena to be exact) is a clusterfuck of a traffic nightmare.

                  1. tried to go to this last night around 6:45pm. Traffic was a mess on CMB and the surrounding streets, parking lot was a mess. We were going to park on Convoy and walk but we saw a lot of people walking so decided to skip it and wait for the next one. Glad there was a massive turnout at least.

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                      Briefly went there and it is a nice idea but the lines were already so long at 5:30 that we decided to just look through Zion Market

                    2. We stopped by around 7. It was very busy and energetic, but the food offerings didn't look interesting enough to justify a long wait in line (the vendors didn't seem that different from what you would see at a typical street fair).

                      We ended up having dinner at Tofu House instead.

                      1. We went. Arrived just after 6. It took 45 minutes to get to the front of the line where we were told the fried squid was offered. They had run out. 30 minutes for Supernatural fish sandwiches, tasty. Every single food vendor had an enormous line. I think one challenge was that all the food appeared to be made to order, so nothing except popcorn was done quickly. The beer garden had only one choice by 7.30pm and was closed by 8:15pm. The OTA music was loud, loud loud. We left hungry and thirsty, not sure if we would return.

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                          The one thing this experiment demonstrated, I think, is that there's a substantial demand for a night market of this kind in San Diego. The demand greatly exceeded the organizers' expectations, it seems. Many people who went -- or tried to go -- undoubtedly feel like you do and might pass the next time it's offered. The parking lot at Zion is the biggest in that area, but it's not big enough for this kind of event, as it turns out. The number of vendors was too small and, as you said, those vendors who were there were apparently ill-prepared for the number of visitors. I'm pretty sure the organizers won't want to move the event away from the "Convoy District", so they'll have to re-think things if they're going to try again. They'll be on a steep learning curve, or else this will be both the first and last time it happens. I didn't go, but I don't think I've heard anyone who did say they had a really good time.

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                            I think you nailed it DC. I went and the crowd clearly exceeded their expectations.

                            Poor lady at a food booth I got to told me that they had prepped for a small catering event and got hammered running out of stuff.

                            Best analogy was it was like the crowds at the Del Mar fair.

                            I hope they are working on logistics for a future date where they now know the demand is huge.