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Sep 2, 2013 05:43 AM

Kennebunkport/Wells/Ogunquit Restaurants open in Winter

We are thinking of taking a trip to the Kennebunkport/Wells/Ogunquit area during the first half of November. I know many of the area restaurants close for the winter, and want to find out some that are open beyond October 31st.

We generally visit the area each summer, but could not make it up there this year. I just checked a couple of my favorites, Lords and Barnacle Billy's, and noted that they do close for the season prior to our arrival.

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  1. I do know that Billy's Chowder House in Wells (overlooking the Rachel Carson Preserve) is open year round. We went in early November and sat in the corner with windows at the bar and enjoyed our meal very much.
    Also, MC Perkins Cove is open (at least in early Nov.). That's on the pricier side, but they do have a bar upstairs with more modest offerings...and a great view.

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    1. re: saintp

      Thanks! We will add that to our currently short list.

      I like Billy's, it is on our annual visit list.

    2. You'll find quite a few restaurants open in the Wells/Ogunquit area in November. Some of these stay open at least until Ogunquit's Christmas by the Sea festivities in December and some are open year-round.

      Just off the top of my head, in Ogunquit:

      Jackies, Too - in Perkins Cove
      That Place
      Five-0 Shore Road
      Front Porch
      Old Village Inn
      Pizza Napoli
      Post Road Tavern

      I'm sure there are others that I'm not thinking of.

      In Wells, in addition to Billy's Chowder House, already mentioned:

      Mike's Clam Shack
      Boon Island Ales

      Again, I know I'm missing some.

      Not an expert about what stays open in Kennebunkport, but I'm pretty sure Allison's, Hurricane's, and Federal Jack will be open in November -- as well as a number of others.

      Enjoy - the area is great at any time of the year and you'll be surprised at how quiet it is compared to Summer. No traffic!!!

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      1. re: OgtMimi

        Thanks for taking the time to provide such a nice list. As a foodie, I always enjoy our time in the area, and am looking forward to trying a few new spots in November.

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          I think Mehkong Thai will be open, as well (In Wells). We just ate there last night and I really enjoyed it. :)

        2. I was going to ask a similar question and thought I'd just re-open this thread. I will be in Kennebunkport in a couple weekends and wanted to see what was open (and also good).

          Anything in particular that is can't miss?

          We live in Boston, so we have access to fresh seafood, but that won't stop us from taking down some lobster...

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            I would think Ocean would be open - Its in the Cape Arundel Inn. Its great. It's the chef from the old 98 Provence let loose!

            1. re: ebone

              The Ramp appears to be open year round. Any comments on that? It appears to be well received.

              How about a favorite for a lobster roll this time of year?