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squeeze bottle WITH tip/cover

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Only 2 requirements

1. It's gotta be see through enough to see how much is left, and

2. Need to see in-person, so what kind of store might have these locally?

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    1. Don't know where you are so hard to answer. Where I live there are Asain Markets that have these type of things. Maybe a 99 cents store or 99 Ranch Market.

      1. I bought a pack of Wilton squeeze bottles with a tip that are translucent. Paid maybe a buck for two at Walmart. Michael's also sells Wilton goods in the cake decorating aisle.

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          Thank you!--have both those shops in my city, so will stop in and check 'em out.

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            Those are cool!

            I also found similar ones on Amazon.

            But I couldn't tell if these are food-grade safe...

          2. The Container Store or a dollar store

            1. I agree with coll. If you have a restaurant supply store nearby, then go there. A plastic squeeze bottles is usually about $1 - $1.5. On the other hand, you can find these very common in Asian supermarket as well. I believe I have seen them in Target stores and Walmart, but those are a bit "on and off" -- sometime I see them, sometime I don't.

              1. What I've done in the past is purchased condiments in these bottles, used up the condiments, and then re-used the bottles. I've purchased them at Whole Foods and other grocery stores.

                Other than that, I agree with the restaurant supply stores and Asian cookware stores.

                1. The Whole Foods near me sells bulk olive oil and balsamic vinegar. There are clear squeeze bottles with red tip/covers for you to use. The weight of the bottle is taken off the price of the oil/vinegar you buy.