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Sep 2, 2013 04:40 AM

squeeze bottle WITH tip/cover

Only 2 requirements

1. It's gotta be see through enough to see how much is left, and

2. Need to see in-person, so what kind of store might have these locally?

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    1. Don't know where you are so hard to answer. Where I live there are Asain Markets that have these type of things. Maybe a 99 cents store or 99 Ranch Market.

      1. I bought a pack of Wilton squeeze bottles with a tip that are translucent. Paid maybe a buck for two at Walmart. Michael's also sells Wilton goods in the cake decorating aisle.

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        1. re: janniecooks

          Thank you!--have both those shops in my city, so will stop in and check 'em out.

          1. re: rob1234

            Those are cool!

            I also found similar ones on Amazon.

            But I couldn't tell if these are food-grade safe...

          2. The Container Store or a dollar store