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Sep 2, 2013 12:02 AM

PVD/RI * September '13 * Open/Closed/Coming Soon

As the summer draws to a close, what's happening food-wise around you?

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  1. Almost a year ago, The Sunnyside in Warren got booted out of their old location. After a hiatus, it appears that they secured a permanent home at 275 Child Street (former location of Not Your Average Bar & Grill, I believe.) Evidently they're undertaking major renovations and hope to open sometime later this fall. The Sunnyside was always a favorite breakfast/brunch spot for us, and nice place to take friends and family and sit out by the water. It was always a complete mob scene, but the food was good and they gave you coffee while you waited for a table to open up (which I always thought was a nice touch--it's bad enough to waiting without also experiencing caffeine withdrawal symptoms.) The new spot is on the other side of town. I hope the renovations make it an appealing environment, because the riverside atmosphere of the old place was definitely a big part of its charm.

    In Barrington, The Table restaurant is supposed to open this month in the new development that's gone up at the intersection of Anoka and Wood Streets. I'm really curious to check this out. It's supposed to be a small-seater (~30), farm-to-table concept, with the name taken from a large, central farmhouse table (though there will be some individual tables for the shy and/or misanthropic). Supposedly open for breakfast, lunch, cheese/wine afternoon interludes, and dinner. If this is half-way decent, it would fill a hole in the Barrington market.

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      Alas, no sign of The Table in Barrington yet, but I have hope that the final unit in its supposed building will yield a new restaurant.
      Chomp opened on Child Street in Warren, however, specializing in burgers/sandwiches and beer. I can't wait to check it out--been hearing good things.

    2. Saw that Elizabeth's on South Main street has closed. The new diner (West Side Diner?) on the west side has opened by the owners of The Sea Plane diner. Did I see something about Cuban Revolution Valley Street closing? There were some comments on last years September board. Does anyone know anything about the Ramen place in the Biltmore Garage?

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      1. re: Jennifer Luxmoore

        Yes, the Valley Street Cuban Revolution closed last Wednesday.
        I'm amazed L'Elizabeth hung around so long. That place has always been a mystery to me. The drinks were exorbitant and not very good, the service was dreadful, and there was hardly ever anyone in there that I could see for at least the last 10 years. Still, it's a bummer so much has closed on South Main Street. The neighborhood could use another anchor restaurant.

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          Bacarao and the Wild Colonial still both draw a crowd at night. Mile and a Quarter never really took off (our one experience there was mediocre) and I recently heard a rumor that it's for sale. Not until I started going to Momentum fitness did I realize that the area has a few (retail) daytime gems - great wine store, gift shop and boutique all on the same block. Hopefully something interesting (and food related) will snap up the L'Elizabeth spot.

      2. Yikes, saw I posted this on the September '12 thread!

        From The Cuban Revolution:

        Dear Friends and Supporters of the Cuban Revolution Restaurant & Bar on 60 Valley Street Providence, RI:

        It was with a very heavy heart and deep sadness that I inform you all that today, we have closed our 60 Valley Street location in Providence permanently for financial reason beyond our control

        The Public Kitchen & Bar opened today. It is located at 120 Francis Street, Providence and bills itself as a "Gastropub".

        1. The Khoo Kitchen has opened at 633 Charles Street featuring Chinese and Malaysian cuisine.

          1. Sharx Bar & Grill is closed and being replaced by a Pub/BBQ place which is not open yet. Bassett's Inn in Warwick has a new owner. Tommy's World Famous Clam Shack is new on Warwick Ave.