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Barbecue Sauce Recipes: Aunty likes Dry Rubs

I am teaching my nephew how to cook. He is eighteen and I don't want him to starve to death. His mom doesn't like to and can't cook. Ask me about the casserole that required cream a mushroom soup she didn't have so used alphabet soup. Interesting and funny meal. I digress. Well we made pulled pork and I have showed him how to make several meals using the pork. Stir fried cabbage, shrimp and with the pork and also tacos. Tomorrow we are having big pig sandwiches - slice of ham, pulled pork, pepper jack cheese, coleslaw and honey mustard. He wants to try a barbecue sauce that doesn't have a tomato base (he hates tomatoes and ketchup). Since I hate barbecue sauce (and didn't eat ketchup until my 30's and still not a big fan) I make my own sauce with honey, Dijon mustard, apple cider and a little apple cider vinegar. He is allergic to apples. I thought of using hoisin sauce or a mixture of honey and soy sauce. Does any one have a alternative sauce recipe without the tomatoes that we could try? ( I also posted this on the DMV mssg board but it was suggested I post on home cooking.)

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    1. Soy sauce, pomegranate molasses, honey and mustard.

      1. The sauce recipe here uses hoisin and no tomatoes, it's delicious: http://www.dinneralovestory.com/eatin...

        1. sometimes I toss tamarind paste, lotsa garlic and ginger into beer or even a splash of bourbon (and yes I cook off the alcohol content) I also go crazy-ish with the soy and fish sauce. my hand is not shy either with brown sugar or molasses (bead or black strap)

          when I have used mustard it's been powdered, not prepared.

          you might consider hunting around for a BBQ recipe from the Carolinas - far more likely to be vinegar/mustard based than in most regions.

          the dry rub - well that's an ever-evolving beast. it IS the game that moves as you play. I've been using a lot of Savory this year in that.

          1. I just remembered another favorite:
            sautee ginger, garlic, maybe some shallot in oil, Ass dome tamarind pate, a dried pepper which has been soaked in water, along with its water, a little brown sugar, honey or agave,cumin, smoked paprika, coriander powder, black pepper and allspice. Cook for about 15 minutes with enough water or mango juice to reach desire consistency. soy suce or worchesteshire are good additions.

            1. Mustard-based sauce, like South Carolina. Obviously, play with the ingredients based on your preferences. I like to use several varieties of mustard, a more complex spice blend, etc. Sub out the cider vinegar for something more white. Keep fooling around with it until it is way too spicy to eat straight. Makes a great mop sauce for chicken, drizzled on sandwiches, etc.


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                sm - a whiter vinegar? in that context I usually swing towards rice wine vinegar. I keep two bottles, one plain and one steeping with Thai bird chilies.

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                  I was thinking white wine, but a rice wine vinegar with Thai bird chiles sounds fabulous.

              2. I just love everything I see. I am going to play with some of these and we will be enjoying our big pig sandwiches tonight. I am tempted to get some chicken and fire up the grill and try some of these tasty sounding concoctions. Thank y'all for helping me with my nephews education. ; )

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                  I made a new for me combo today; soy sauce, tamarind paste, honey, peach jam, cumin, hot peppers, garlic, ginger, shallot, smoked paprika, allspice and coriander.
                  It is tart, spicy, very delicious, a keeper.