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Sep 1, 2013 06:21 PM

Three Dinners in Denver (Plus Casa Bonita)

My wife is going to National Jewish Health in Denver and will be getting tests all day every day for most of a week. We should have time for dinner out every night. We know we want to go to Casa Bonita (and, yes, we know the food is bad but we love the South Park episode.) Otherwise, we would very much like to know what people enjoy. We're particularly interested in trying places that are unique to Denver or, at least, much better than the equivalent places where we live (Washington, D.C. area.) Wife dislikes most Asian food and tends to like Italian and Middle Eastern. So...what should we try?

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  1. We recently visited Denver and our experiences included:

    Parallel 17 -- nominally Vietnamese, but not totally, so your wife might find something to like. We had lunch that consisted, for me, of their quinoa salad and, for my husband, the noodle salad. They were just perfect for the time and place, generous portions and very tasty.

    Il Posto -- highly recommended to us, and the food was very well prepared and tasty. Prices higher than others we experienced in Denver, and portion sizes seemed to vary. My husband had the "chicken" entree (description did not specify what part of chicken, but it was the breast, boned) and portion was not very big. I had the "pork" and asked what cut it was, which seemed to flummox the waitress, who had to go ask the chef, who then specified the shape -- it seemed to be the tenderloin and was more than I could eat, so my husband, who was still hungry, finished it. We don't drink, but they seemed knowledgeable about their wines and very eager to discuss them. They also have a number of pastas, etc.

    Another dinner,at Limon, which happens to be next door, more or less, to Parallel 17, all of the above on 17th Ave. We were a lot less happy with this. They specialize in Central and South American cooking, with which we are very familiar, and the couple of things we ordered were either inauthentic or just not well prepared. One egregious item was supposed to be chimichurri sauce to accompany a skirt steak. It bore no resemblance to an Argentine food -- more of a Mexican enchilada accompaniment. And the skirt steak was very tough, as was my duck.