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Sep 1, 2013 03:19 PM

Clean, Healthy, Affordable & Delicious in the East Bay?!?

I'm a gluten-free, dairy-free foodie who enjoys light, fresh, nutritious, tasty food. I'm also on a budget and will rarely spend more than $8 - $12 for a meal. I love Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisine because of the delicate balance of flavors, and because there are so many light, fresh, and gf/df menu options. I'm always on the lookout for other spots that suit my dietary needs, budget, and palate. Some of my favorites so far are Kirala 2 (in the Epicurian Garden), Sushi California, Sabuy Sabuy on San Pablo. I also like Herbivore -- where else in the Bay Area can you get a healthy, fresh, generously-sized meal for $10? Also been meaning to try the Juice Bar Collective in North Berkeley and Ike's in downtown Oakland. Other suggestions?

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  1. Potala, Cha Ya

    Ike's is vegan-friendly?

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Yes, Ike's has several vegan choices. And while I'm not an Ike's fan, the vegan sandwiches (e.g., vegan "meat" balls) I've had there were comparatively better than the meated ones. Maybe because I hate the cheap-tasting cold cuts at Ike's, and avoiding them is an improvement.

    2. I'd look at Pepples, also a doughnut place, on San Pablo near the Oakland/Berkeley border. It's small but vegan and we liked it.

      A definite must for me is Shangri-La at 4001 Linden in Oakland. I always leave here satisfied and having enjoyed the flavors though they can run on the mild/quiet side. You pretty much order a plate of vegan food by the portion size - not much choice, but it's good.

      I'd also check out Flaco's at 3031 Adeline. I'd order thoughtfully to avoid gluten -- not sure on that, but my meals there have been tasty and under $12

      Been looking at Ensarro with friends who are either vegan or gluten free. Haven't been yet, but it's been recommended to me about a dozen times now. They have GF injera.

      Also, Golden Lotus in DTO comes to mind. Good, not great, but all vegan if I remember right.

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      1. re: dcfb

        Right by Flaco's is Easy Creole, 1761 Alcatraz.

        Their menu is 1/2 Meat & 1/2 Vegan (with the option to add dairy for those that can eat it)

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            We went recently and were sad that the food didn't, to us, bear more of a resemblance to Creole food we are familiar with. I don't tend to say much about places I am not a fan of, but I felt like this place was a real let down. I'll post a bit on the actual thread - thanks for posting, Robert.

        1. re: dcfb

          Potala is owned by the former chef of Shangri-La. Same style but the food's a bit better.

        2. Not east asian, but perhaps Bacheeso's could work. One in Berkeley, one in Oakland. The hot dishes on their buffet are not great, but there is quite a big spread of cold or room temperature vegetable selections that are decent.