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How to get burger smell out of house?

As mentioned in my other topic I have acquired a George Foreman Grill and have being making burgers on it every other day.

The problem is that is makes my whole suite smell - I live in a bachelor suite so the smell is everywhere...

I have 2 windows open while cooking but that does not make a difference. I leave the windows open daily but that smell still remains.

Once I get home from work and open the front door I am hit by the stench.

I left a big bowl of coffee grounds out in the kitchen, then in the main room for 2 weeks and it did nothing. I can only see that being useful in a closed environment like a fridge or a closet.

Any suggestions? I am not a fan of stuff that just covers up the smell like Febreze.

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  1. Did you give all your cabinets and counters a really good wipe down with an anti-grease type cleaner like 409? I've found doing that helps a lot.

    1. i really can not think of a solution if you are going to cook burgers every other day.

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        Agreed - you're not giving the smell much time to air out if you're making burgers that frequently. I would just spray some febreeze in between, honestly.

      2. So cook a bunch of Carribiean, Phillipino, Mexican, Greek food etc. Burger grease smell all gone!

        1. Putting a fan in the window facing out can help alot.

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            Yes, do this while cooking. Also, it might be my imagination, but it seems like cleaning the coffee pot by running white vinegar through it helps clean the air. I can't stand the smell of Febreze either and have only ever used it when I'm desperate. I recently saw a commercial saying they have a new one with no fragrance.

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              Another though is dishes of activated charcoal- more effective than coffee grounds.

            2. I suggest putting the grease into the freezer until you can take the trash out. Also I assume you're cleaning the grill carefully after each use. Is there a vent above your stove you can run while you're grilling? That might help too.

              1. Make a spray bottle with mostly water, plus a few drops (only!) of essential oil of orange, lime or lemon. Or a few drops of real vanilla. I suppose you could try lemon juice, but it might clog the spray nozzle. Spray upwards in your apartment, but not too much.
                The ex-costumer in me thinks you could also just spray cheap vodka into the air... :)

                1. Only time erases a greasy smell.

                  So if you make burgers that often, you're stuck with it.

                  1. I hate the smell of cooked food in my house unless it is baked goods. I use Pinesol and this is for heavy duty cleaning, it will remove the smell but beware it is strong. Vacuuming helps as well.

                    1. When I cook anything with onions my house reeks for days. I've started putting out a small bowl of white vinegar on the stove when I start to cook and it seems to help absorb the odor. Might help in the same way for the burger smell...

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                        Thumbs up for white vinegar. I put about a cup in a small saucepan and simmer to reduce cooking smells, esp. burgers and fish.

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                          The smell of simmering vinegar would drive me out of the house faster than a Kiss CD turned up to 11. I'd rather live with the burger grease smell.

                          Speaking of which, is it possible that a leaner hamburger meat might make a difference?

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                            I'd be right behind you with the Kiss CD but the vinegar smell doesn't linger.

                            Good question on the leaner hamburger meat.

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                              WAAAAY back in the day, my mother used to boil tomato juice and vinegar together to make Weight Watchers catsup. I had to beg her to do it right after we left for school so that maybe the smell would have dissipated enough that I would be able to breath. I could always tell if she made the stuff any time after 10:00 AM.

                      2. Boil a small pot with some cinnamon sticks

                        1. A good quality air purifier will remove the odor. I have a Winix 9500 and it removes all the dust and pet hair, as well as any odor. I was skeptical at first, but now that I have one, I'm a big fan of these devices. See, e.g., http://www.amazon.com/Winix-WAC9500-U...

                          1. In our case - an outdoor kitchen.


                            1. As I always grill my burgers outdoors (even in Winter in CO, I would trek through the snow, and light the grill, with my Bulldog at my side), so have not had any such issue, in maybe 40 years.

                              Wish that I could help, but I cannot.

                              Good luck,